In spite of normal mammograms and ultrasounds, four Thermogram Center clients just informed me that their thermograms led to breast cancer diagnoses. All four clients trusted the interpretations of their Risk Assessing Thermal Imaging and their intuitions: they sought the additional follow up that confirmed the presence of cancer. Despite the fact that mammography could not see their breast cancers, our Advanced Thermography provided early warning of their conditions.

Because You Deserve More Than a Mammogram™

Since mammograms can miss 20% – 75% of breast cancers, many women are getting a false sense of security: while their mammograms may be normal, their lives may be threatened with aggressive breast cancer. (i)(ii)

The Role of Pre-Diagnoses

In 2005, The Thermogram Center was reviewed by the Colorado State Board of Medical Examiners and deemed to be “at least pre-diagnostic.” There are multiple definitions of this terminology:A test that precedes diagnostic tests. A test that precedes diagnostic tests.

A test that provides information before a diagnostic test will.
A test that describes the course of acondition before it has been.

While my intention is that our thermal imaging observes warning signs and risk factors in time to intervene and support prevention, sometimes it is too late and all we can do is support earlier detection.

The Benefit of Pre-Diagnoses

Take this case, for example:

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This is one of the clients diagnosed with breast cancer after her thermogram. In this case, she was rated Right – TH4 and Left – TH 2. Following the recommendations of her interpretive report, she followed up with further evaluation. But her mammogram and ultrasound were normal.

Months later, she experienced bloody discharge from the right nipple. This symptom prompted clinical palpation and biopsy, which revealed breast cancer. She opted for a mastectomy. The client credits the thermogram for its early warning and pre-diagnostic value.

Three Other Cases in the Same Week

Here is a recap of the other clients’ stories:

Right – TH 4+ and Left – TH 2 findings led to an ultrasound, which was normal. The client requested an MRI, which was positive. Bilateral biopsies revealed pre-cancer and aggressive cancer. Lumpectomies ensued.
Right – TH 2 and Left – TH 4 findings led to a normal mammogram. The client requested an Oncoblot test, which was positive for breast cancer. The client is exploring treatment options.
Right – TH 3 and Left – TH 3 findings led to a mammogram and ultrasound, both of which were suspicious. Two MRIs and biopsy ensued. The client was diagnosed with Invasive Ductile Carinoma, Grade 2, Stage IIB and opted for chemotherapy, to be followed by surgery, if necessary.

Supporting Earlier Detection and Prevention

While all four of these women credit their Risk Assessing Thermal Imaging as valuable pre-diagnostic information, most women with TH 4 ratings have time to intervene to reverse their condition, supporting prevention. My fourteen years of experience suggests that only a small percentage of clients with TH 4s already have cancer. Hence the importance of managing risk factors proactively and monitoring the breasts and body over time at The Thermogram Center to ensure risk ratings and findings improve and/or stabilize and do not get worse.

The Message To Share

Whether men or women want earlier detection or prevention, I believe that The Thermogram Center has tests and tools to help. Our thermal imaging supports early detection while our preventive education supports prevention.

Please alert others that they should not depend on mammography alone. Their lives may depend on it.

Because You Deserve More Than a Mammogram™

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