If you had the choice of detecting or preventing cancer, which would you choose?

We serve individuals seeking 100% safe, early detection, with a focus on prevention.

Do You Know:

Breast cancer does not start in the breast, but as processes that go awry in the body, i.e. gut dysfunction and/or dental issues under the gum line that are unknown to the client or their dentist. These sources of inflammation and “junk” can drain into the breasts, contributing to cancer risk. As a result, most woman choose to add the abdomen, back and face to their first-time breast imaging to:

… address the source (inflammation), not the symptom (cancer).

Abdomen, back and face imaging supports early detection and prevention by revealing sources of inflammation in the body that may be contributing to chronic inflammation, symptoms and (future) conditions.

Abdomen, back and face imaging every 3-5 years is of particular importance to check for the slow-growing teeth/jaw infections impacting the health of most Americans. While most of these infections are unfelt and undetectable by dentists, we enable men and women to learn of them and dental resources for diagnosis and treatment:

… adding years to their life and life to their years.

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Imaging Guidelines for Men and Women

Who is a Candidate for Imaging?

  • Any health-conscious individual seeking potential risk factors or early information of health concerns. Early warning can lead to early detection and/or intervention, before a condition reduces quality of life.

Especially helpful for breast cancer and dental issues, including cavitations.

  • Anyone with a persistent symptom/pain that has gone undiagnosed may benefit from thermal imaging, as it may be able to help indicate the potential source/cause.
  • Anyone seeking to visualize/monitor the thermobiological signs associated with conditions or the effects of intervention, treatment, or proactive efforts.
  • All women at least the age of 20, regardless of family history, to assess their thermobiological risk of developing breast cancer.

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Recommendations for Women

Breast cancer does not start in the breasts, but as processes that go awry in the body, i.e. gut dysfunction and/or dental issues under the gum line that are unknown to the client or their dentist. Our advanced thermography assesses sources of inflammation in the body that may be draining lymphatically into the breasts, contributing to waste collecting in the breasts, symptoms of pain and/or lumps, and warning signs for cancer risk.

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Recommendations for Men

Do you know that most Americans are suffering from jawbone infections and that neither they nor their dentist knows it? Or that our imaging is often the first warning? These infections typically grow very slowly and chronically drain toxically to body parts, often compromising organ function. We recommend imaging the teeth and organs to visualize potential connections and separate the source (jawbone infection) from the symptom (body/organ dysfunction).

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Risk Ratings & Hormonal Grades

Mammograms and Detection

Mammograms are promoted by many organizations for prevention. But of what? DEATH… if “early detection” is obtained. But early detection is still “after the fact:” cancer has occurred. True prevention would imply no breast cancer manifests. When Risk Assessing Thermal Imaging, a “before the fact” test, is combined with preventive education materials (like Better Breast Health – for Life!™), with a client who is proactively managing risk factors, true prevention is a more likely possibility. Click here to learn more.

Risk Assessing Thermal Imaging and Prevention

If a woman learns through her thermal imaging that she is at high risk for developing cancer, she may have an early opportunity to intervene and reverse the situation through risk factor management. If she did not know she was at risk, would she have had this opportunity? On the other hand, why would a woman at lowest risk be overly anxious and consider aggressively managing every risk factor possible?

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Example Thermal Images

See High Resolution Example Thermal Images from The Thermogram Center:


Mammogram vs Thermogram

Women who want prevention choose advanced thermography.*

Mammography does not prevent cancer. It is meant to support detection, though it falls short along many attributes. There is such growing evidence about the shortcomings of mammography that the Swiss Medical Board has recommended “completely abolishing mammogram screenings.”

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