Our Approach to a Healthier Tomorrow

The Thermogram Center exists to Empower Yourself Today for a Healthier Tomorrow

Our Approach to a Healthier Tomorrow involves:

High-resolution, highly detailed imaging that supports the earliest detection of warning signs and risk. Click here to see breast, teeth and body images.

For breast clients, we uniquely provide Risk Assessing Thermal Imaging, RATI, which assesses each breast’s cancer risk with a Thermobiological Risk Rating – a simple number you can use to monitor your thermobiological level of risk over time.

For clients seeking prevention, we discuss potential risk factors in your images, educate you on likely causes, and provide action steps, tools and resources for a healthier tomorrow. We:

  • Educate: Discuss the likely causes of risk
  • Empower: Provide action steps & resources to manage/reduce risk
  • Measure Efforts, Monitor Results & Adjust Actions as Needed: Provide self-help tools
  • Celebrate Success

Four Steps to a Healthier Tomorrow: