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Locations/Contact Us

Phone: 303-664-1139

Email: info@thermogramcenter.com

Message Us Below If You Have Any Questions Or Are Interested In Paper Back Info For Better Breast Health For Life ™!

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Our Approach

… high-resolution, highly detailed imaging that supports the earliest detection of (cancer) warning signs and risk.

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For men and women seeking prevention, we identify and discuss the sources of inflammation (draining into the breasts) and potential risk factors in your images, educate you on likely causes, and provide action steps, tools and resources for a healthier tomorrow.

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Hi, this is Tirza at the Thermogram Center.  Today, I will be answering the questions, What is Thermography?  And, what’s a thermogram?

Well, at the Thermogram Center, our imaging is just like having your picture taken with a cell phone and, just as fast and just as safe.  But, unlike your camera, which is capturing light in the invisible ultraviolet spectrum, our camera is capturing light in invisible infrared spectrum and, ends up creating a picture of the heat distribution across the body.  The picture is referred to as a thermogram.

Here are thermograms on our home page at thermogramcenters.com. as an example.  Now, studying the resulting thermo patterns and those associated with inflammation, dysfunction and health conditions, can help to support safe, early detection, intervention efforts and prevention, too.  This is the focus of thermography at the Thermogram Center.

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Our Story

The Thermogram Center was conceived by Tirza Derflinger in 2002. She had previously served as a Medical Laboratory Technician in the Army, obtained a B.S. in Industrial Engineering, and an M.B.A. in the Management of Technology. After working professionally for over 15 years, she had become dissatisfied… corporate work had become too impersonal and was no longer soulfully gratifying. At age 38, she left a six-figure income to return to her true calling of helping people in the health field and founded The Thermogram Center, Inc.

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Our Quality

The Thermogram Center, Inc. employs certified and experienced personnel, strict protocols, and meticulous image acquisition.

At The Thermogram Center, our certified personnel, strict protocols, and advanced imaging technology ensure reliable and high-quality services. Not every thermal imaging system is appropriate for human studies. For instance, only 8-12 micron detectors are substantiated in the literature for human studies.

The Thermogram Center equipment and software is FDA approved for medical imaging under FDA 21 CFR 884.2980: K033967 and K032471, respectively. Our latest FLIR A615 camera technology and SpectronIR software is some of the latest in the field with high sensitivity/resolution capabilities

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Our Providers

The Thermogram Center, Inc. employs certified and experienced personnel, strict protocols, and meticulous image acquisition.

Our board-certified service providers adhere to standardized guidelines to ensure accuracy, reliability, repeatability of thermal findings and analyses, and compliance to medical standards and laws.

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Our Protocols

The Thermogram Center employs certified and experienced personnel, strict protocols, and meticulous image acquisition.

Strict protocols and instructions regulate:

For instance, our imaging room temperatures are maintained between 68° – 70°F during your appointment with zero tolerance for air drafts. The room temperature does not fluctuate by more than 1° during your imaging session. In addition, no lights are in the “on” position above the client during acclimation or imaging. (One small bulb is used to dimly light the entire imaging room.)

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