The Thermogram Center serves women and men of all ages, particularly ages 35 – 75.

Who is a Candidate for Imaging?

  • Any health conscious individual seeking potential risk factors or early information of health concerns. Early warning can lead to early detection and/or intervention, before a condition reduces quality of life.

Especially helpful for breast cancer and dental issues, including cavitations.

  • Anyone with a persistent symptom/pain that has gone undiagnosed may benefit from thermal imaging, as it may be able to help indicate the potential source/cause.
  • Anyone seeking to visualize/monitor the thermobiological signs associated with conditions or the effects of intervention, treatment, or proactive efforts.
  • All women at least the age of 20, regardless of family history, to assess their thermobiological risk of developing breast cancer.

Thermal imaging is ideal for all women, especially those who aren’t ideal for mammogram and/or are:

    • pre-menopausal;
    • with dense, fibrocystic, or large breasts;
    • undergoing HRT,
    • with implants, or surgical reduction;
    • nursing or pregnant, or cannot tolerate radiation

Note: The U.S. Preventive Task Force does not recommend mammograms for pre-menopausal women.

Women and their doctors can consider Risk Assessing Thermal Imaging, an advanced form of thermography, and ultrasounds – two safe ways of evaluating the breasts: the former test is physiological/functional and a risk assessment tool, and the latter is anatomical. Together, they provide 95-99% accuracy for breast cancer detection.

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