Chronic inflammation is the precursor to illness and disease and the subject of our imaging and preventive services.

Cancers and disease can initiate when processes go awry in the body, i.e. gut dysfunction and/or dental issues under the gum line that are unknown to the client or their dentist.

We identify potential sources of inflammation in the body that may represent the underlying causes of symptoms/(future) conditions and provide education on what to do to improve them.

Do you know that most Americans are suffering from jawbone infections and that neither they nor their dentist knows it? Or that our imaging is often the first warning? These infections typically grow very slowly and chronically drain toxically to body parts, often compromising organ function. We recommend imaging the teeth and organs to visualize potential connections and separate the source (jawbone infection) from the symptom (body/organ dysfunction).

First-time imaging: Most first-time male clients choose abdomen, back and face imaging to learn how to address the body’s sources of inflammation seen in their images, supporting prevention for cancer and other body conditions.

After first-time imaging: Whether you’re a man or woman, consider repeat abdomen, back and face imaging with review/consult every 3-5 years to monitor the results of your efforts to reduce inflammation and cancer risk and to adjust action steps accordingly. Repeat imaging can also be used to monitor the effectiveness of treatments for cancer and other conditions.

Note: While infections in the jawbone are very common, they grow very slowly, so abdomen, back and face imaging is not recommended annually, like breasts.

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