The Thermogram Center provides Advanced… not Basic Thermography... and So Much More

Since 2002, The Thermogram Center has conducted over 55,000 imaging sessions with clients from 45 states and 10 countries and aged 2 to 90+. Check out our client testimonials!

Many thermographers provide you only color images – no B&W.

Color images have less detail than B&W images, which means they can miss early warning signs or cancer. The earlier the detection, the better the prospects of intervention.

We provide high-resolution color and B&W images… and more.

Whether you want to detect cancer early or prevent it, we have the tests and tools you’re looking for.

In addition, for breast clients, we uniquely provide Risk Assessing Thermal Imaging, RATI, which assesses each breast’s cancer risk with a Thermobiological Risk Rating – a simple number you can use to monitor your level of risk over time and a Hormonal Grade to indirectly assess estrogen stimulation.

Thermobiological Risk Ratings and Hormonal Grades are unique components of Advanced Thermography at The Thermogram Center and are not available from basic thermographers.

We also provide Recommended Action Steps to address potential sources of inflammation in the body and back it up with self-care educational matierials, including Better Breast Health – for Life!™ and Community Resources for further evaluation or professional guidance in functional health. Lore more about Our Approach.

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