Whether you want to detect cancer early or prevent it, we have the tests and tools you’re looking for.

Breast cancer does not start in the breasts, but as processes that go awry in the body, i.e. gut dysfunction and/or dental issues under the gum line that are unknown to the client or their dentist. Our advanced thermography assesses sources of inflammation in the body that may be draining lymphatically into the breasts, contributing to waste collecting in the breasts, symptoms of pain and/or lumps, and warning signs for cancer risk.

First-time imaging: Most first-time female clients choose the Breast, Abdomen, Back and Face Series to learn how to address the body’s sources of inflammation seen in their images, supporting prevention for breast cancer and other breast/body conditions. If you can afford to add the abdomen, back and face to your first-time breasts, please do: seek prevention over detection.

After first-time imaging: consider repeat breast imaging annually or so (abdomen, back and face every 3-5 years) to monitor the results of your efforts to reduce inflammation and cancer risk and to adjust action steps accordingly. Repeat imaging can also be used to monitor the effectiveness of treatments for cancer and other conditions.

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