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At The Thermogram Center, you can expect comprehensive and comfortable imaging. The typical 30-minute imaging appointment includes 10+ minutes of acclimation (to dissipate heat trapped on the skin by clothing) followed by several minutes of imaging in a dimly lit, cool room, typically 68°-70F°. During imaging, you will be standing in front of a thermal imaging camera with the technician’s back to you. With no radiation or bodily contact, imaging is 100% safe.

We provide high resolution images, self-empowering education and reporting with next steps so that you can make more informed decisions about self-care and community healthcare professionals.

Before Your Appointment

Each first-time client receives an educational YouTube video to watch at home prior to their imaging appointment. This video explains the science behind our technology, what inflammation and conditions look like on our thermograms, how to navigate the standard of care system, how the body drains into the breasts, and more.

All clients access their portal to complete health history forms and acknowledge/comply with pre-appointment instructions in preparation for imaging.

At Your Appointment

Upon arrival to any service location, you will be introduced to your Certified Clinical Thermographic Technician and to the steps of the imaging appointment:

10+ Minute Acclimation: To dissipate heat trapped on the skin by clothing and hair which would otherwise cause artificial thermal signs, you will be in an environmentally controlled room (typically 68º – 70ºF) with the skin surfaces to be imaged free of clothing and jewelry.

Imaging: All imaging involves the client in a standing position in front of a thermal imaging camera and a technician with her back to the client.

  • Breast series: Between 7-9 views/thermal images are acquired (the number is dependent upon breast surface area and size).
  • Abdomen/Back/Face series: includes a full spine view, an abdominal view, a front of the neck view, and three face views.

    After Your Appointment

    After your imaging session, staff members perform image analyses and make observations regarding potential sources of inflammation and other thermobiological signs.

    Report files post to your portal and include:

    • your customized/individualized interpretive report(s) with key takeaways and next steps.
    • grayscale, reversed grayscale, and color images.
    • Breast reports also include Thermobiological Risk Ratings and a Hormonal Grade.

    Your portal includes:

    • self-care preventive education focusing on gut, dental and bone/spine health for men and women.
    • lists of local  integrative/natural/alternative health professionals for those seeking further evaluation, professional guidance, and/or care.

    Our website includes our 100% free preventive education library:


    • downloadable cancer prevention book for men and women
    • monthly newsletters
    • YouTube videos
    • on-line articles

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