What to Expect

First-time female clients of The Thermogram Center receive a 90 minute video.

What to Expect with an Appointment

Upon arrival to any service location, you will be introduced to your Certified Clinical Thermographic Technician and to the steps of the imaging appointment:

10+ Minute Acclimation:

To acclimate the surface of the skin to be imaged, you will be in an environmentally controlled room (typically 68º – 70ºF) in which the skin surfaces to be imaged are free of clothing and jewelry.

Imaging Session:

All imaging involves the client in a standing position in front of a thermal imaging camera and a technician with her back to the client.

  • Breast series imaging typically requires 5 minutes. While standing in front of the thermal imaging camera, you will be asked to inter-clasp your fingers/hands on the back of the head, with your elbows pointing out to your sides. While you are disrobed from the waist-up, the technician will have her back to you during the actual imaging appointment. Between 7-9 views/thermal images are acquired (the number is dependent upon breast surface area and size).
  • Abdomen/Back/Face series imaging typically requires 3 minutes. Imaging includes a full spine view, an abdominal view, a front of the neck view, and four face views.
  • Full-Body series imaging typically requires 20 minutes. While a gown is worn throughout imaging, you will be asked to raise and lower it as needed to expose the skin surface being imaged. The technician’s back will face you during the actual imaging (clients conceal their genitalia with a blackbody device.) Typically 26+ views/thermal images are acquired.

      30 – 60 Minute Virtual Review/Consult:

      For clients opting for image review/consultation, this virtual appointment is scheduled during your imaging session.

      In preparation for your first appointment, you will be provided an educational video to watch on You Tube. Because Advanced Thermography (Risk Assessing Thermal Imaging) is less understood by the public than technologies like mammography and ultrasound, you may find this introductory education helpful. The purpose of the video is to provide a basic understanding of how Risk Assessing Thermal Imaging works, terminology, what the interpretive doctor looks for, and how thermobiological findings can be helpful to you and your health providers.

      Each virtual review/consultation includes a 30 – 60 minute overview of images, providing an opportunity to discuss potential risk factors and risk factor management strategies supporting intervention and/or prevention. Summaries, the “Actions Checklist” and educational handouts are also discussed during this session. Community Resource Lists including functional medicine specialists by specialty and locality (compiled through our clients) are available as well. Additional on-line educational resources are provided to you.

      The self-help, preventive health education book, “Better Breast Health – for Life!“™, with risk reduction strategies, is included.

      Purchases Available During Your Imaging Session:

      During your imaging session, you will be able to purchase the paperback version of the latest publication of “Better Breast Health – for Life!“™ if you choose. (Also 48 hour STAT reports are available upon request and require an additional charge.)

      About Your Interpreative Reports:

      Reports post to your portal and include:

      • your customized/individualized Actions Checklist (for clients opting for review/consultation),
      • a cover letter recapping the imaging services at The Thermogram Center,
      • thermal imaging report(s),
      • Guide to Understanding Risk Assessing Thermal Imaging Reports and Further Evaluation Resources, and
      • grayscale, reversed grayscale, and color images.