Why You Need to Know the Link Between Estrogen and Breast Cancer

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What is the link between estrogen and cancer?

The link involves how your cells divide during the natural growth and repair cycle.

Cancer involves uncontrolled cellular growth. Growth occurs when cells divide—one becomes two, two become four, and so on.

Normal breast cells can progress to a state of overgrowth or hyperplasia. If this results in unusual cells, it becomes atypical hyperplasia. With atypical hyperplasia, cancer can result if mutations occur during the cellular division process.

Under certain circumstances, estrogen can stimulate the breast tissue to increase cellular division.

Prolonged exposure to excess estrogen is probably the most significant risk factor currently known for developing breast cancer.

While the link between estrogen and breast cancer is well documented, excess estrogen promotes cellular growth and can increase cancer risk anywhere in the bodies of women and men.


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