Why You Need to Know the Environmental Risk Factors for Cancer

By Tirza at Better Breast Health – for Life!

Do you know that the environment is the number one cause of cancer?

Do you know what you can do to avoid environmental risk factors and live the vibrant, healthy life you deserve?

Americans are typically exposed to hundreds of environmental chemicals and pollutants each and every day. Understanding these environmental risk factors provides you the opportunity to make healthier choices.

Be Empowered – Learn More About the Environmental Causes of Cancer 

Environmental chemicals and pollutants can enter the body by way of ingestion, breathing, or skin penetration. Once in your body, they may alter hormones, impact cellular health and compromise the immune system.

Ultimately, our exposure to environmental contaminants leads to 70 to 90% of the nearly two million cancers diagnosed each year in the United States. By learning more about environmental risk factors, you’ll be prepared to select mitigation techniques and healthier alternatives.

As consumers, when we become proactive and take charge of our well being, the consumer products we choose yield healthier outcomes. We can demand and expect products that are natural, organic, and sustainably sourced. This requires that we educate ourselves and know the difference between clever marketing and honest labeling.

Look for Our In-Depth Articles On These Environmental Risk Factors

  • Industrial and agricultural chemicals – organochlorines – dioxins
  • Non-organic vs. organic foods
  • Personal products – commercial fragrances
  • Common household cleaning products
  • Water sources, quality and filtration
  • Plastics: hard vs. soft – phthalates – bisphenol A
  • Electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) – radiation

Take the Time to Learn – Earn the Time to Live Your Best Life 

Our mission at The Thermogram Center is, in part, to empower clients with preventive education. Many environmental causes of human cancer are manageable. We hope to be a part of your healthier lifestyle choices that support your precious life. Learn the mitigation techniques and healthier options to help you and your loved ones, pets included, to reduce your risk of cancer.


by Tirza Derflinger

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