Why You Need to Know Dietary Factors for Cancer

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“Is what I am about to put in my mouth for nutrition or some other purpose?”

The answer to this question is a driving force behind the levels of (chronic) inflammation in most of our bodies. If we eat consistently and primarily for nutrition, we should experience less inflammation and cancer risk and more vitality.

How Can Diet Reduce the Risk for Cancer?

Chapter 1 reveals that the environment is the number one cause of cancer, due in part to the abundance of industrial and agricultural chemicals in modern civilization. So while “Five Ways to Reduce Harmful Chemicals in Your Food and Water” reveals that eating organically can help reduce the risk of cancer, there are other important dietary concepts that may support inflammation and risk reduction, especially when employed together.

Eating for Nutrition Boosts the Immune System

When we eat healthy, nutritional foods, we may boost our immune system – an internal defense against cancer. But the chronic consumption of unhealthy, anti-nutritional foods may lead to:

  • increased toxicity and inflammation,
  • compromised immune system,
  • susceptibility to disease, and
  • vulnerability to cancer.

How to Eat for Nutrition

In this chapter, we will be addressing several key dietary concepts that, when employed together, can improve nourishment and immunity, reduce inflammation and cancer risk, and support vitality and longevity.

Over each of the next eight weeks, I’ll publish one sub-chapter/article:

  • Anti-cancer diets are primarily organic
  • Alkalizing and ketogenic diets fight cancer
  • Common food sensitivities cause inflammation
  • Water, minerals and supplementation are essential
  • Consume whole food sourced vitamins
  • Healthy sources of fats and essential fatty acids
  • Glycemic index versus load and menopausal women
  • Cooking methods for optimal nutrition


Our mission at The Thermogram Center, Inc. is preventive education. Environmental causes of human cancer are manageable. However, the public remains unaware of the many common environmental carcinogens and the actions necessary to mitigate their risk. We hope to be a reliable source of information to help you protect you and your family from the hazardous chemicals in the air, water, food, and products threatening your well being.

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