Have you heard the slogan, “You Get What You Measure?” It works for Weight Watchers® and I propose that it can help anyone stay on track on their journey to better health too. This week I offer a Risk Factors Worksheet that will enable you to acknowledge and focus on the risk factors you believe are in your life that could be putting you at risk for breast cancer. It is intended to compel you action!  Please feel free to share it with those you care about – men too!


Why Measure?

I make a “to do” list every day. Even if it’s just in your head, I bet you do too! These are the tasks you’ve committed to focus on… to accomplish. The enclosed Risk Factors Worksheet does the same thing, over a longer timeframe. It seems we get what we measure because the tasks on our lists require our attention… our action. And as long as your tasks are realistic, don’t you usually accomplish them? By acting on this worksheet then, you will reduce your risk for breast cancer. Who doesn’t want that?


Monitor & Adjust

While this worksheet is intended to be used with the Better Breast Health – for Life!™ Audio Workshop CD, use it to help identify and prioritize areas of opportunity to reduce your breast cancer risk. No one is perfect – we can all improve in some area. On the Risk Factors Worksheet circle the level of risk you suspect is in your life and act to reduce those factors that contribute the most risk.

Then check in on your level of focus and effort over time to ensure you are staying on track. To learn more about the action steps you can take to reduce your risk, visit our Preventive Support library and look for information on Learn the Risks and the Actions Checklist.

Our mission at The Thermogram Center, Inc. is preventive education. Environmental causes of human cancer are manageable. However, the public remains unaware of the many common environmental carcinogens and the actions necessary to mitigate their risk. We hope to be a reliable source of information to help you protect you and your family from the hazardous chemicals in the air, water, food, and products threatening your well being.

by Tirza Derflinger
Founder, Author, Lead Educator, Speaker, CTT, MBA
Better Breast Health – For Life!™
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