In our series on the gut microbiome, we explain what constitutes the gut microbiome, and signs of compromise. In this article we discuss what harms the beneficial bacteria in the gut microbiome.

What Can Harm or Destroy Beneficial Gut Bacteria?

 Sugar feeds harmful bacteria that can crowd out beneficial bacteria, suppress immunity and feed cancer cells.

Antibiotics (including antibiotics in meat from animals in Confined Animal Feeding Operations – CAFOs)
Any food that causes an immune or inflammatory reaction: food sensitivities
Chemicals and many medications/prescription drugs (including NSAIDS, acid‐blockers, birth control pills, steroids)
Chlorinated water
Chronic stress
Dairy products
Emotional stress
Environmental mold exposure
Fluoridated water
Gluten (found in many grains and flours)
Glyphosate (and crops treated with Round‐Up)
GMOs (genetically modified organisms)
Lack of sufficient quality sleep
Lectins (anti‐nutrients found in grains, beans and seeds)
Over-consumption of processed food/food additives
Over-consumption of sugar (including alcohol)
Pesticides on food/produce
Pro-inflammatory vegetable/cooking oils
Synthetic vitamins (fortified foods)
Trans‐fats (shortenings like Crisco or other hydrogenated fats)
… Among others

A Special Note on NSAIDS

A special note on NSAIDS, Non‐Steroidal, Anti‐Inflammatory Drugs, (ie. aspirin and ibuprofen): these work primarily by blocking all prostaglandins, some of which cause inflammation, but others of which are essential for gut lining healing and repair.

The digestive tract replaces itself every 3‐5 days. Prolonged use of NSAIDS prevents its repair, causing the gut lining to become weak, inflamed and “leaky,” contributing to autoimmune conditions.

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