Prolonged exposure to excess estrogens is the greatest risk factor for developing cancer and every man and woman converts some progesterone and testosterone to estrogens, often without symptoms. No wonder so many people are blind-sided with a diagnosis of cancer!

DON’T UNDERESTIMATE THE SIGNIFICANCE OF TESTING AND INTERVENTION as an integral part of your cancer prevention plan.

Functional (Genomic) Nutritionists can tell you how much progesterone and testosterone you are converting to estrogens and how to intervene nutritionally and nutraceutically to reduce cancer risk.

Here are four Functional Nutritionists along the Front Range:

Boulder area: Kaye Reich CNTP, CGP (303) 834-8500
Boulder Longevity Institute: Lesia Atkinson, MSc Human Nutrition (303) 443-0848
Fort Collins area: Kristy Hall, ROHP, RNPP (970) 685-8531

If you are without a naturopath or functional MD or nutritionist who can provide such services, these resources are worth considering.

While Tirza has over 5 years experience with: Dr. Elizabeth Yurth MD, ABAARM, FAARM, FAARFM, Medical Director & Founder at Boulder Longevity Institute (303) 443-0848, she has visited each of these four Functional Nutritionists to learn how they can use raw data from 23-and-me tests to help explain inherited genetic variations-epigenetics-gut-hormone connections, and what nutritional, nutraceutical, and behavioral changes are warranted.

Tirza’s Functional Nutritionist is Kaye Reich CNTP, CGP because of her holistic approach, wealth of knowledge and experience, and because we share common philosophies of self-care education and extensive handouts.

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Our mission at The Thermogram Center, Inc. is preventive education. Environmental causes of human cancer are manageable. However, the public remains unaware of the many common environmental carcinogens and the actions necessary to mitigate their risk. We hope to be a reliable source of information to help you protect you and your family from the hazardous chemicals in the air, water, food, and products threatening your well being.

by Tirza Derflinger
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