Hearty, nutritious stews in Winter soothe the soul and satiate the appetite.

Let’s look at a recipe that’s sure to please.


In Between the Holidays

Many of us may eat less than optimally at Thanksgiving and Christmas. And the demands of the season may keep us from preparing home-cooked foods. So how about a one-pot recipe that fills the belly, nourishes the body and feeds the soul?


One-Pot Recipe

Pot-au-feu means “pot on the fire”  and is usually a mix of different beef cuts simmered gently in water with an abundance of vegetables and seasoning herbs until the meat is fall-off-the-bone tender and a flavorful broth results.

I found a wonderful starter pot-au-feu recipe in a Fine Cooking magazine.


Modifying the Recipe for Nutrition

To enhance nutrition and digestibility, consider modifying the recipe for your needs. For instance, consider choosing:

organic ingredients
buffalo or grass-fed beef
sea salt or  pink Himalayan salt
squashes instead of potatoes
marrow bones


Learn More

How to make pot-au feu
Get the recipe: Pot-au-Feu
Add marrow bones for nutrition and flavor
How to prepare seasoning herbs: bouquet garni

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