Quality & Certifications

The Thermogram Center employs certified personnel, experience, strict protocols, and meticulous image acquisition.

Reliable services require certified personnel, experience, strict protocols, and meticulous image acquisition. The Thermogram Center is dedicated to providing clients (and their health providers) with the highest level of quality and service possible.

To achieve this, a high resolution digital infrared camera and dynamic computer thermal imaging software is used to provide imaging, thermobiological risk assessment, and monitoring services.

The Thermogram Center equipment and software is FDA approved for medical imaging under FDA 21 CFR 884.2980: K033967 and K032471, respectively. Our latest FLIR A615 camera technology and SpectronIR software is some of the latest in the field with high sensitivity/resolution capabilities capturing 307,200 temperature readings to 0.05°C sensitivity and 0.69mrad spatial resolution in a split-second, so you need not be concerned about standing still or body movement. And we provide your images in color and in B&W. (Some images at our website precede January 2013, when we used earlier technology. The latest images are noticeably “smoother” with current technology.)

FLIR cameras were featured on NBC’s May 2, 2003 Today Show for their use at international airports in screening arriving passengers for fevers, enabling preliminary screening for SARS. In more recent years, FLIR cameras have used for preliminary screening for H1N1. Our technology and services have also been featured on Fox News for advanced technology and medical application. (FLIR cameras are used around the world in a variety of fields, i.e. military, police, architectural engineering, manufacturing, medical operating rooms, etc.)

Multiple board certifications are a means of assuring quality control and reliability in thermography. Also, the Colorado State Board of Medical Examiners maintains oversight to assure compliance with medical standards and laws.

The interpretive doctors and imaging technicians rendering services to The Thermogram Center have been trained and certified by more than one of the following thermographic organizations:

  • International Academy of Clinical Thermology (IACT)  www.iact-org.org
  • International Thermographic Society (ITS)
  • American Academy of Thermography (AAT)  https://aathermology.org/
  • American Association of Medical Infrared Imaging (AAMII)

(Check out www.breastthermography.org to learn more.)

(When seeking U.S. thermal imaging services, it is important to determine the provider’s certifying entity. Some providers operate without the support of any of these organizations, and some organizations/providers do not support or render “risk assessment” (thermobiological risk ratings and/or hormonal grades.))