Hyalogic Liquid Synthovial Seven – Oral Hyaluronic Acid Supplement with Bonus Lip Balm HA Stick

Product Overview


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Hyalogic Liquid Synthovial Seven offers an advanced solution for internal and external hydration with a bundle that includes a 1oz bottle of liquid Hyaluronic Acid (HA) oral supplement and a bonus HA Lip Balm Tube. This premium-grade supplement is designed to support joint lubrication, skin hydration, and lip plumpness, providing comprehensive hydration from the inside out.

Key Features

  • Bundle Pack: Includes one 1oz bottle of Synthovial 7 Hyaluronic Acid oral supplement and one HA Lip Balm Tube for complete hydration.
  • Internal Hydration: Helps lubricate joints and cartilage, promoting normal movement and supporting skin hydration for a healthy, moisturized complexion.
  • Premium Grade: Features a high molecular weight hyaluronic acid for longer-lasting hydration and effectiveness.
  • Natural, Plump Lips: The HA Lip Balm provides deep moisture to the lips, holding up to 1000x more moisture than non-HA lip balms, helping to maintain the appearance of natural fullness.
  • Vegetarian Friendly: Hyalogic’s HA is non-animal derived and suitable for vegetarians. The unique five-stage Hyalock process ensures product compatibility and stability for optimal results.


  • Joint Lubrication: Supports joint and cartilage health by enhancing lubrication, aiding in normal movement and reducing discomfort.
  • Skin Hydration: Provides deep, long-lasting hydration to the skin, promoting a healthy and hydrated appearance.
  • Plump Lips: Replenishes lips with deep moisture, enhancing their natural fullness and preventing dryness.
  • High Molecular Weight HA: Ensures superior hydration and longer-lasting results, compared to lower molecular weight HA.


  • Hyaluronic Acid (HA): A naturally occurring substance that provides deep hydration, supporting skin, joint, and lip health.
  • Premium Formulation: Non-animal derived, vegetarian-friendly, and processed through Hyalogic’s unique five-stage Hyalock process for maximum compatibility and stability.

How to Use

  1. For the Oral Supplement:
    • Take 1ml (approximately 1/5 teaspoon) daily.
    • Can be taken directly or mixed with a glass of water or juice.
  2. For the Lip Balm:
    • Apply generously to the lips as needed throughout the day.
    • Use regularly to maintain lip hydration and fullness.

Why Choose Hyalogic Liquid Synthovial Seven?

Choosing Hyalogic Liquid Synthovial Seven means opting for a premium, high-molecular weight hyaluronic acid supplement that provides comprehensive hydration for your joints, skin, and lips. With the added bonus of an HA Lip Balm, this bundle ensures that you stay hydrated both inside and out.

Package Contents

  • 1 bottle of Hyalogic Liquid Synthovial Seven Hyaluronic Acid oral supplement (1oz)
  • 1 HA Lip Balm Tube

Additional Information

  • Brand: Hyalogic
  • Item Form: Liquid (oral supplement) and Lip Balm
  • Primary Supplement Type: Hyaluronic Acid
  • Unit Count: 1oz (oral supplement) and 1 Lip Balm Tube
  • Free From: Animal-derived ingredients, suitable for vegetarians

Experience Comprehensive Hydration

Enhance your joint, skin, and lip health with Hyalogic Liquid Synthovial Seven. Order your bundle today and discover the difference that premium-grade hyaluronic acid can make in your daily hydration routine.


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