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Preventive Support Articles at The Thermogram Center

Preventive Support Articles

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Learn & Manage the Risks

Environmental Factors

 Why You Need to Know The Environmental Risk Factors for Cancer
 Five Ways to Reduce Harmful Chemicals in Your Food and Water
Personal Products?
--- Antiperspirants & Deodorants
Cleaning Products 
The Quality and Quantity of Your Water
⋅ How to Protect Yourself from Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF)
--- Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF) - short article
--- Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF) - complete article as a pdf
--- Cars and EMF
--- Cars and EMF: Healthful Tips
--- Cell Phone Health Risks
--- Cell Phone Safety Tips
--- Is Your Home Healthy for You?
--- Managing EMF in Our Homes
--- Smart Meters
--- Dumbing Down Your Smart Meter

Hormonal Factors

 Why You Need to Know the Link Between Estrogen
⋅ Menstruation and Longer Estrogen Exposure
⋅ Pregnancies, Premature Deliveries and Abortions
Breast Feeding
⋅ Birth Control Pills
⋅ Hormone Replacement Therapy
⋅ Soy and Estrogenic Activity

Dietary Factors / Supplementation

⋅ Why You Need to Know The Dietary Factors for Cancer
Organic vs Non-Organic
These Two Dietary Concepts May Stop Cancer In Its Tracks:
--- Alkalizing Diets
--- Ketogenic Diets
Food Toxins and Antinutrients
Minerals + Water + Supplemention for Cognition and Health
Whole-Food Sourced Vitamins B, C, D and more
Healthy Fats and Essential Fatty Acids
Glycemic Index vs Glycemic Load
Cooking Methods for Optimal Nutrition
How to Wash Produce to Reduce Microbes
How to Use Essential Oils in a Neti Pot
How to Nourish the Body:
--- Our Daily Bread
--- Why the Quality and Quantity of Your Water is Vital to Your Health
--- Support Your Bones with Alkalinity
--- Vitamin D3 Inhibits Cancer
--- Vitamin K: Fight Plaque, Build Bone
--- Grow Bone with Turmeric Curcumin!

The Gut Microbiome

The Gut Regulates over 80% of the immune System
What Constitutes the Gut Microbiome?
Enzymes, Beta Plus Formulas and Hydrochloric Acid for Digestion
Pre-, Pro-, and Sporebiotics
Fermented Foods

Lifestyle Factors

Introduction: Somatics, Not Genetics, Cause up to 95% of Cancers
Genetics, Age, BMI, Obesity and Fat Distribution
Smoking and Alcohol Consumption
Emotional Traumas
Prescription/Medication/Drug Use
Exercise, Body Movement and the Lymph System
Lymphatic System
How to Reduce Inflammation
How to Improve Lymph Flow
Bras - short article
Bras - complete article as a pdf
Bras: Wired vs Wireless
Bras: "Ladies Ditch the Bra" from Green Med Info
Breast Implants

Teeth / Dental Factors

Introduction: Tooth-Organ Chart
Cavities and Abscesses
Brushing, Flossing, Rinsing and Pulling
Root Canals
Extractions and Cavitations
Amalgam and Mercury
Holistic Biological dentistry vs Standard of Care
Thermography and Dental Pathology - Part 1


Cucumber Salad
Creamy Zucchini Soup

Client Only Resources

Gut Health Handout
Dental Care Handout
Enzymes & Biotics
Functional & Genomics Health Resources

Celebrate Success

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