Nuts, grains, seeds, beans and legumes have built-in protection in the form of enzyme inhibitors. These inhibitors prevent enzymes from being activated until soaked, germinated, or sprouted.

Sprouting Activates Enzymes

According to Dr. Axe, “Sprouting foods that contain antinutrients (or cooking them in the case of most vegetables) increases absorption of beneficial vitamin B12, iron, phosphorous, magnesium and zinc, plus it makes the food easier on digestion; decreases risk of allergic reactions; and releases more vitamins, amino acids and fiber from within the seeds. While sprouted grains and other nutrient-blocking seeds won’t be completely free from all antinutrients after soaking and sprouting, it’s a much better option than eating them unsoaked.”

How to Prepare Nuts, Grains, Seeds, Beans and Legumes

 In order to activate their enzymes, soak and drain beans, legumes, and lentils before preparation. Soak, rinse and sprout nuts, seeds and grains. Sprouts can yield up to 30 times the nutritional benefits of their unsprouted forms.

Sprouting involves soaking in water for 8 hours to 12 days.

Sprouting books and charts available on-line and at many health food stores provide specifics and make this process easier.

Learn how here:

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