By Tirza at Better Breast Health – for Life!™
– with Riun Ashlie, EMRS (Electromagnetic Radiation Assessment Specialist)

In this, part two of a two-part article, we provide mitigation techniques to minimize the effects of electric and magnetic fields (EMF), radio frequency (RF) radiation and dirty electricity (DE) in your home and on your health.

Of most importance is the bedroom – where recuperative sleep can be easily compromised by EMF, RF and DE. To assess their strength and sources in your home, and implement appropriate solutions, we suggest an in-home assessment with a local resource. (See the Assess Your Home… section below.)

A Review of the Basics

See Part one of this two-part article, Is Your Home Healthy for You? where we explore the relationship between you, technologies in your home, and your health.

The following resources are for those desiring great detail:

From Tirza Derflinger: Learn the Risks: Electromagnetic Frequencies
From Alex Stadner: EMF Electric Fields, Magnetic Fields and How to Measure EMF

Common Principles for Safety

Electric Fields: Distance is your friend, ensure a minimum of 6 feet.
AC Magnetic Fields: Distance is your friend, ensure a minimum of 3 feet.
Radio Frequency Fields (RF) – wireless devices: Choose wired technologies instead of wireless technologies – and/or switch all wireless devices off during non-use and sleeping hours.
Dirty Electricity (DE): eliminate source(s) or if necessary utilize filtering technology.

Appliances, Large

Electric / Magnetic / RF / DE

The more power consumed by an appliance and the more computerized, or smart, it is, the more intense the EMF it emits. Most appliance electronics are positioned in the front of the appliance for accessibility for service and repair… where users stand to interface with the appliance! Here are a few tips:

Choose (dumb) appliances with less fancy features than (smart) appliances with more fancy features.

Dishwasher (Electric / Magnetic / RF (Smart) / DE): run the dishwasher when you will not be in the room. Consider unplugging the dishwasher, which is usually plugged in under the kitchen sink, when not in use if you frequent its location.

Hot water heater (Electric / Magnetic / RF (Smart) / DE): gas heaters have significantly less EMF than electric heaters, though they still have electrical ignition. When possible, keep this appliance at a safe distance from where you spend much time in your home.

Microwave oven (Electric / Magnetic / RF (Smart) / DE): choose a toaster oven or gas stovetop cooking instead. (Tirza’s home came with a built-in microwave oven above her stovetop. Choosing not to remove the oven, she has unplugged it permanently to avoid EMF near her head when she stands in front of her gas stovetop to cook.)

– Microwave ovens emit stronger levels of RF than other kitchen appliances. In fact, you would have to stand at least 30 feet away from a microwave oven that is in use to adequately reduce your exposure. So watching food cooking in a microwave is absolutely unsafe.

– Microwave ovens emit strong magnetic fields as well. So again, choose to not use microwave ovens or stay a very far distance from them when in use.

– Microwave ovens disturb the molecular bonds of food particles, potentially reducing nutritional value. In fact, studies indicate that there is an increased risk of digestive tract disorders and cancers when microwaving is the primary source of food preparation.

Microwave Ovens and EMR Exposure Precautions

Refrigerator (Electric / Magnetic / RF (Smart) / DE): refrigerators generate large magnetic fields so ensure your bed (and all of your body) is at least 20 feet away. Some people suffering from electrosensitivity have limited tolerance for refrigerators, and consider either increasing its distance from their bed or using gas-powered refrigerators.

Stovetop and oven (Electric / Magnetic / RF (Smart) / DE): choose gas rather than electric to drastically reduce EMF.

Treadmill (Electric / Magnetic / DE): use manual treadmills or gazelles rather than powered treadmills.

Washer and dryer (Electric / Magnetic / RF (Smart) / DE: besides the electronics near the front of modern washers, the major source of EMF for a washer is where the power cord plugs into the machine, typically near the rear and away from the user. Regarding the dryer, choose gas rather than electric to significantly reduce EMF. Do not place these appliances close to bedroom or bed locations.


Appliances, Small or Hand-Held

Blenders, Blowers, Drills, Food Processors, Hair Dryers, Massagers, Mowers, Saws, Sewing Machines, Toasters, Toaster Ovens, etc.

Electric / Magnetic

All electrical appliances emit electrical and magnetic fields. And all electrical devices with an electric motor will generate large magnetic fields. The greater the power used/generated, the greater the EMF. While we typically use these appliances intermittently and for brief periods of time, breaks are advised for individuals who use these appliances for extended periods of time. There is strong evidence linking neurological disorders associated with prolonged exposure to elevated magnetic or electric fields.

  • Always ensure electric tools and hand-held appliances have either polarized 2-prong plugs (the neutral prong is wider than the hot prong) OR it is equipped with a 3-prong plug. Non-polarized 2-prong plugs can reverse the polarity of electric current, creating a potential hazard. Never break off the round ground ground post of an electric cord.
  • Unplug these devices when not in use if they do not have a 3-prong plug. Without a 3-prong plug, there is no grounding, so electrical current and EMF are flowing along the cord continually.
  • All motors create EMF, whether electric or gas powered, though gas delivers no EMF along any power cord to the appliance. The greater the power consumed/generated, the greater the EMF emitted by the motor. Try to keep the motor and the power cord at a distance from the body.
  • Use hand-powered appliances and techniques when possible:

– Use a foot-peddled sewing machine rather than an electrical one.
– Towel or air dry hair rather than use a hair dryer.
– Get a hand massage rather than an electrically-powered massage.
– Use a manual grass cutter rather than a powered mower.
– Use hand saws, drills, rakes, hammers, etc rather than power tools.

Note: battery powered appliances, i.e. shavers, toothbrushes, drills, etc, run on DC rather than AC current, significantly reducing EMF.


Baby Monitors

Electric / Magnetic / RF

From Dr. Magda Havas’ Safe Baby Monitors:

“… all baby monitors emit RF – Radio Frequency radiation either in the FM radio band or as microwaves.” Radio frequencies are safer than microwaves. “… refrain from using audio and video baby monitors that use WiFi or DECT” as they “constantly emit microwave radiation to function.” And don’t use wearable devices, as they are on the body. “Voice Activation is the Key to a Safer Wireless Baby Monitor.”

  • Place the wired baby monitor at least 6 feet away from their sleep area.
  • Do not use systems that transmit continuously.
  • Set the baby unit to voice activation mode.

Consider importing the Hartig and Helling MBF 3333 from in Germany.

Electrical Panels

Electric / Magnetic / DE

From Alex Stadtner on September 15, 2014:

When it comes to electrical panels most folks are concerned about magnetic fields. The magnetic fields generated from that particular panel are influenced by the following factors:

  • wiring errors may lead to net current and unbalanced loads – this generally requires an appropriate professional (like Riun Ashlie) to troubleshoot
    • how the panel is wired – are the hots and neutrals kept together as long as possible?
    • what loads are on the panel. Usually, at night, there are the least loads on the electrical system. Assuming the home is properly wired, lower loads equal lower magnetic fields.

Assuming no significant wiring errors and low loads at night, 6 feet should be sufficient to mitigate the impact of magnetic fields coming from the panel. If, however, there are wiring errors or really large loads (pumps, freezers, electric heaters, etc.), then 6 feet might not be enough distance to maintain 0.0-1.0 milliGauss (mG) – the Building Biology goal for sleeping areas. Learn more in EMF Rules of Thumb.

Electrical Pathways; Power Supplies, Strips and Surge Protectors; and Plugs

Electric / Magnetic

Electric fields are always present with standard home wiring when the circuit breaker is on. Properly wired, the resulting magnetic fields will be low as standard home wiring is designed for no net current or imbalanced loads. However, improper wiring, dimmer switches, compact fluorescent lighting and other devices lead to net currents, dirty electricity (DE), and high magnetic fields. The greater the DE, the greater the magnetic fields.

A power cord with a 2-prong plugs has no grounding, as this requires a 3-prong plug, so electricity is flowing continually from the plug to whatever device the power cord is attached to, creating electric and magnetic fields, EMF, along the way – even when the device is off. This is why grounding is important. Never break off the round ground post of an electric cord.

Choose devices, i.e. lamps, laptops, Ethernet routers, whose power cords use grounding 3-prong plugs.
Ensure all power supplies and strips include a 3-prong plug for grounding. Keep them at a distance of at least 6 feet.
Ground or add a grounding cable to metal on the device when the power cord has a 2-prong plug. Learn how.

Most modern home electrical wiring includes plastic-covered wiring and emits electric fields continually.

Metal-clad shielded wiring is preferred, but is not typically used in homes. Alternatively, circuit breakers can be turned off when power is not in use. Demand and remote-controlled demand switches are also an option.
When some power is needed in a room whose breaker has been turned off, a shielded, grounded power cord/cable can be used that is plugged into an outlet in another room. (Shielded wiring reduces EMF.)

Note: All AC adapters, transformers and device battery chargers generate very large magnetic fields. Always keep them at least 3 feet away from your body.

From David Sasse:

From Alex Stadner:

Riun Ashlie (see the Assess Your Home… section, below) can assess your home with sophisticated and sensitive sensors to determine if there are electrical errors, dirty electricity, or unshielded and ungrounded electricity pathways in your home. Typically these can be corrected. His equipment can check levels of EMF, RF and DE.

Entertainment, Gaming and Audiovisual Technologies

Electric / Magnetic / RF / DE

Our televisions and visual monitors, projectors, sound systems, gaming consoles, DVRs, cable and satellite boxes, etc, create EMF. Microwaves are emitted with wireless technologies and magnetic fields are typically highest where the electrical wiring plugs into the unit. Plasma TV frequencies are detectable up to 1/4 mile away.

Use shielded and grounded wired systems instead of wireless technologies. Said another way, choose wired/cabled delivery of signals from room to room rather than wireless.
Distance from the source is your friend.
Use LCD/LED flat panel display TVs instead of plasma TVs.

Protecting your sleeping environment, consider the proximity to the bedroom first for electric and magnetic fields and remediate according to safe distance rules.  If RF devices are present such as Wifi enabled TV, digital video boxes (DVB) such as Apple TV, Roku, Chromcast, etc, consider that these devices are designed to transmit complex high data volume signals and hence are inherently stronger and more potentially harmful:

Switch these to wired connections OR minimally, turn their power source off at night and when not in use.

The same rules apply for technologies for streaming music wirelessly such as Sonos, Apple, BlueTooth technology speakers, etc:

Switch to wired connections or switch these devices off (consider a remote switch to control a power strip from your bedside).

Bulletproofing Your System from Interference

Regarding the audio headset used with phones, computers, stereos etc: they all emit EMF, and cell phone headsets emit microwaves.

Turning down the volume reduces the magnetic field.
Shielded wiring further reduces EMF.
Using speakers instead of headsets removes the magnetic field, and in the case of cell phones, the microwaves, from being close to the ears, head and body, provided the speaker phone is at a distance, i.e. 3 feet.

Fitbit, Smart Watches and Google Eyewear


As wireless devices, Fitbit and Smart Watch technologies emit radiation levels that vary depending on their technology category and their frequency and duration of transmission.

Regardless of emitting strength, their use is not advised for the simple reason that they are emitting radiation directly to the body.
If you must use them and are able, disable the wireless features while wearing them on the body. Activate wireless features when they are at a distance (at least 3 feet).

How can Google eyewear be safe if it is wireless-active and around your head?

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

Electric / Magnetic / DE

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems also have magnetic fields associated with the electric motors they utilize.  Furnaces, air conditioning units, and whole house fans all have large electric motors. Again, distance is your friend.

Ensure a distance of at least 20 feet between you and any of these systems – especially from where you sleep. Regarding dirty electricity (DE), variable speed motors are common generators of DE, so when choosing a furnace, consider a single speed motor.

There are various sources of power for heating and air conditioning systems. Generally speaking, gas powered systems create less EMF than electrically powered systems. Regardless, when possible, keep system components at a safe distance from where you spend much time in your home.

For Front-Range Coloradan home cooling:

Consider a swamp cooler rather than an indoor forced air system when the cooler can be placed away from living spaces, i.e. on the roof.
Consider grounded circulating fans positioned at a distance.
Consider ceiling fans (without wiring errors).
Consider a programmable thermostat.
Consider: 28+ Home Cooling Tips and Energy-Efficient Alternatives
Consider: 10 overlooked low-tech ways of keeping your home cool

For Front-Range Coloradan home heating:

Consider a gas furnace rather than electric. (The blower will still be electric.)
Consider wearing more clothing.

From Alex Stadner, Author of EMF Best Practices:

“Hydronic radiant heat – via hot water delivery – is the preferred method of heating for Building Biologists.

Using AC electricity to generate heat is less efficient and creates elevated magnetic fields. Most electric radiant heat wiring systems just send one wire through the system – essentially a “hot wire without it’s corresponding neutral.” The separation of the hot and neutral, combined with the unusually high amperage (current flow) required for such systems, creates unusually high magnetic fields.

Details of your home would dictate the best solution. Here are a few options:

use hydronic heat
only preheat floor when room is not in use, then turn off system when entering room
select a “low-EMF” version and wire it properly

The “low-EMF” version of ThermoSoft has shielded cable (for electric fields) and runs hot and neutral wires right next to each other (magnetic fields) through the whole assembly. It does significantly reduce the magnetic fields as long as the system is wired properly. If you must go with electric I would pick a “low-EMF” version.”

Internet Connection

Electric / RF / DE

Presently, WiFi routers are offered in dual band 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz and the radiation emitted is far more penetrating with the introduction of 5.0GHz. There is no safe distance because the greater the distance between the router and the personal computer or device, the MORE radiation generated to reach the router.

Wifi routers continually emit radiation when powered on.

Use Ethernet cables plugged into grounded, wired routers instead or wireless routers.
Disable wifi features on all network-connected devices.
Keep routers and modems at a distance and grounded.

If you feel you must have wireless connectivity, then:

consider a wireless router that has a switch to manually shut it off at night or when not in use (else, unplug its power) , OR that has a remote power switch (next to your bedside) so you can shut it off whenever you like and before sleep.
Always shut off your wireless connection when not in use.

Light Bulbs & Switches

Electric / Magnetic / RF / DE

Most lamps that are either hanging, desk, stand or pole type that plug into an electrical outlet, as opposed to those which are directly wired to a circuit and wall switch, will usually have a 2-prong plug on the power cord. Without a 3-prong plug, there is no grounding, so electrical current and EMF are flowing along the cord continually, even when the lamp is off.

Since the rule of thumb for electric fields is to maintain a distance of 6 feet, this may quite readily render your lamp to distant from you to provide the lighting you desire to be able to read – one solution is to replace the existing cord with a shielded 3-prong cord which will completely eliminate the electric field. (This might require hiring an appropriate professional.)

Halogen, compact fluorescent and fluorescent bulbs and lamps emit frequencies greater than incandescent bulbs and lamps. Virtually all “energy saving lighting” generates dirty electricity.

Use incandescent bulbs (with lower wattage numbers) in grounded fixtures and lamps.
Keep the bulbs and lamps at a distance.

Dimmer switches create dirty electricity.

Use ordinary on/off (dipole) switches.

PCs, Laptops, Tablets, iPads, E-Book Readers and Monitors

Electric / Magnetic / RF / DE

Firstly from the electric field effects, basic rules apply in terms of distance. In terms of magnetic fields, many laptops have very strong fields within certain areas of the keyboard. In addition, modern PCs, laptops, tablets, iPads and e-book readers are wifi enabled.

Use an Ethernet cable to plug these devices into grounded ethernet routers and disable/turn-off the wifi feature on the device.
If the device doesn’t have an Ethernet port, look for a USB port and use a USB-to-Ethernet adapter.
Laptops emit EMF and should not be used on one’s lap. This applies to tablets, iPads, and e-book readers when wifi is on.
Keep some distance between you and any PC, laptop, monitor, i.e. 3-4 feet, using a wired keyboard and mouse on your desktop or lap instead.
Ensure that the AC adapter/transformer on the power cord is at least 3 feet from your body.
Ensure that your power cord is a 3-prong grounded cord OR ground it.

Old-fashioned CRT (big box-like) monitors emit ionizing radiation and high magnetic fields.

Use LCD flat panel monitors and view them from a safe distance, typically 4 feet.
Learn more about computer system set-up safety tips.


Electric / Magnetic / RF / DE

Cordless phones like DECT continually emit radiation and should be avoided as their radiation is continuous and argueably much higher than a cell phone.

Do not use a cordless phone – use old-fashioned corded phones or a voice over internet connection device such as an Ooma phone or Magic Jack.
The same recommendation applies to Bluetooth technologies – radiation levels are simply too high and devices such as headsets are simply too close to your sensitive and vulnerable brain tissue.

Review the articles, Cell Phone Health Risks, which explores the dangers of cell phones, which are Class 2B carcinogens, and Cell Phone Safety Tips, The articles also explore speaker phones, safety sticks, Bluetooth and airtube headsets.

Proximity to Cell, Radio, and Television Towers and Power Lines and Substations


The emission of radiation from cell, radio and television towers is continual, as are the magnetic fields of power lines and substations.

Avoid residences that are within 1/2 mile of cellular transmission antenna. Click here for information to aid you in identifying tower and antenna installations.
Television and radio (AM/FM) can also generate tremendous RF radiation – see documentaries regarding the installations at Lookout Mountain near Golden, CO to inform your choices. As well, there is greater generation of DE from these installations. Again, distance is your friend.
See safer distances:

from Alex Stadner: EMF Rules of Thumb
from EMFWise

Consider shielding for protection.

Remote Controls

Infrared (IR)/ RF

Modern remote controls emit infrared (IR) frequencies as pulses of infrared light that represent specific binary codes corresponding to commands to control functions such as power, volume, tuning, temperature set point, fan speed, or other features.

Do not intentionally point these devices at people or pets, especially close-up.

Radio frequency (RF) remote controls are used at a distance with electric garage door or gate openers and burglar alarms.

These devices are used intermittently and instantaneously, reducing RF exposure and negating the need for precautions.

Turning off your wifi at night? Please do! It’s a layer of radiation that doesn’t support health or recuperative sleep. To make it easy, consider plugging in your EMF (electromagnetic frequency) – producing devices into any of three outlets equipped with a $17.99 remote control from Home Depot:…/203638968

Security and Surveillance Systems

Electric / Magnetic / RF

From Alex Stadtner:

“It’s easier to discuss the EMF impacts of a security system if we break the system into two components.

1) Sensors. Sensors are remotely placed throughout a building. Ideally these would be hard-wired, NOT WIRELESS. A modern trend in alarms is to have everything go wireless because it makes for a super simple retrofit install. However, wireless security sensors will transmit data using Radio Frequency (RF) radiation and increase occupant exposure to RF indoors. We’ve measured wireless sensors and have most to produce far less RF than a cordless phone or wi-fi router, but these sensors still add to the indoor RF load. Opt for wired sensors and avoid this unnecessary EMR indoors. Because it’s low-voltage wiring there are minimal concerns about shielding these wires for low-frequency electric fields.

2) Receiver. All the sensors report back to a main receiver that functions as the “brain” of the security system. The receiver itself usually runs on 120V, and so if someone is electrically hypersensitive they probably wouldn’t want to have this near their bed unless it was shielded for low-frequency electric fields. The receiver may also be a minor point-source for low-frequency magnetic fields… but that very much depends on the receiver/monitor. If the system is designed to receive signals from sensors wirelessly, it also may be designed to emit wireless signals back to the “eye in the sky,” or wherever a break-in alarm signal would be sent. Because an intruder could easily cut a telephone line from the receiver and interrupt an alarm signal, many companies are gravitating toward wireless systems. I have not tested the impacts of security systems on “dirty electricity” (high-voltage transients), but that is another potential unintended impact of any electronic system.”


Sleep Environment, Heating Pads, Electric Blankets and Alarm Clock

Electric / Magnetic / RF / DE

The sleeping area(s) of your home are the most critical locations to address to ensure health and vitality when it comes to EMF mitigation.  All four EMF parameters should ideally be minimized to “as close to nature” as possible.

Riun Ashlie (see the Assess Your Home… section, below) can perform an audit in your home and propose safe solutions after using sophisticated and sensitive sensors to assess:

electric fields by evaluating body voltage (target <100mV),
magnetic fields with the use of a good quality AC gauss meter to measure magnetic flux density in milligauss (target <1mG),
radio frequency with use of a good quality RF meter with capability to measure power density in microwatts per square meter and detect frequencies up to at least 6 GHz (target <10microwatts/m2), and
dirty electricity by use of a variety of products currently available including the Stetzer Microsurge and Greenwave meters and filters.

The metal in a bed frame and mattress inner coils can attract electric, magnetic and wireless radiation.

Use a non-metallic bed framing and consider mattresses without inner coils, i.e. futon, Temperapedic, wool, etc.
Avoid waterbeds when electricity is the heat source; they are especially toxic.

If the bed is closer than 6 feet from an electrical outlet, switch or wiring path:

switch off the circuit breaker at night or install a shut off switch or remote switch to manage the circuits, considering those of adjoining rooms (beside, above or below).

For adjoining rooms that cannot be switched off:

consider shielding/redirecting electric fields.

For magnetic sources such as breaker panels or fluorescent lighting, i.e. on the ceiling of floor below the bedroom:

assess the magnitude of the magnetic field and relocate the bed as necessary – at least 3 feet If a circuit breaker panel is present, then 6 feet is advised, or consider shielding (as a last resort – difficult and expensive).

Heating pads, electric blankets and BioMats use electricity and emit EMF continually when powered on.

Power these devices on well in advance of rest/sleep and then unplug them. Remove the cord from the device to avoid an electrical current flowing on the bed to the device, even when it is off (unless the power cord has a 3-prong plug to be grounded).
Use hot water bottles instead.

Alarm clocks powered by electricity emit EMF.

Distance is your friend. Keep electricity-powered alarm clocks at least a meter away from the bed. Battery-powered alarm clocks need not be as far away.

Consider an in-home assessment with safe solution suggestions with Riun Ashlie. (See the below Assess Your Home… section.) In addition to filtering for DE, Riun can help with grounding, shielding, wiring corrections, Earthing kits, Magnetico sleeping pads, Safe Living Bed Canopies, and more.

Since Tirza has never tested a chip, pendant, case, lamp, etc that significantly reduces EMF, and since sleep-time is precious and needed for recovery/recuperation, Tirza uses a bed canopy:

Riun informed her that the healthy sleeping bandwidth reading should be well under 10, while the reading just above her bed was 10 times that… over 100!!! (See below pics)
After installation of the bed canopy, it did as advertised – the canopy reduced broadband EMF by 99.9%. In fact, it’s so effective, she cannot get to the internet on her IPhone from inside the canopy. Wow!

(Riun can provide a 10% discount on this item, available at Safe Living)

Solar Panels


Solar panels require inverters for the conversion of DC electricity to AC electricity.  Some installations implement filtering devices to ensure dirty electricity is not generated. However, many do not utilize this technology. Assessment is advised to determine whether transcients are being generated by these systems whether you have panels installed or if your next door neighbor does. Once DE is introduced into the electrical grid associated with your home, it may be affected.  Filters are provided by several companies, including RFReduce and TripCon.

Be aware of the location of solar panel inverters and sometimes, batteries, and keep them at a distance. The inverter should be outside the house, transmitting electrical current generated by the solar panels back to the utility company via the utility meter.
Be aware of where the wiring from the panels runs to the inverter, and from the inverter to the utility meter, as this wiring will create a fluctuating magnetic field. Again, distance is your friend.

From Alex Stadtner:

We have seen how some solar panel inverters are “dirtier” than others, and produce significantly higher levels of high-voltage transients. The SunnyBoy inverters are among the best – meaning they seem to produce less dirty electricity than many other inverters. As for mitigation, there are “filtration” approaches (aka. “Line Conditioners”) that can be applied to a single circuit, or even at a subpanel level.

Utility Meters and Smart Appliance Monitoring/Controls

Electric / Magnetic / RF / DE

Electric utility meters naturally have electric fields associated with them in addition to magnetic to varying degrees and a number of factors.  Again distance is the first rule of safety.  A utility meter which is labeled with an FCC license means that it is able to transmit wirelessly and is likely a Smart Meter.

RF levels vary widely depending on meter type – a first measure of safety is to not sleep within 20 feet of the meter.
If the meter is directly facing your sleeping area (perhaps a neighbor’s meter) it is advisable to have an EMF consultant assess emission levels.

Possibly of greater concern is the switch mode power supply technology which may be utilized these meters which can be the greatest health concern to the residents.  As mentioned with solar panels the DE component that may be present with Smart Meters can affect multiple homes associated with a common transformer – the solution is to consider a filtering device as mentioned earlier (see solar panel links).

Review the article from Tirza Derflinger, Smart Meters, some of which transmit microwaves every few seconds at levels 10 to 100 times greater than that of a cell phone.
In addition, review the article from Cameron: Stealth Meters, in which some analog meters are concealing wireless transmitters.

In addition to electric companies installing wireless meters, which emit microwave frequencies, so too are water and gas companies. The good news is that our water meter is usually near the street and away from our living space. Many gas meters are on an exterior wall of the garage. Be aware. Riun Ashlie (See the Assess Your Home… section below) can test the RF emissions from these meters effectively for you and offer advice on shielding and filtering.

The subject of smart appliances is more RF and DE related to the specific appliance.

Do not purchase an RF device connected to an appliance – especially your fridge which you can’t simply shut off.
If your new appliance is a Smart Appliance that also talks to the utility company, consider disabling this device, if possible.
If impossible, then a small filtering device may be considered: Stetzer Filters and GreenWave Filters. Of note however is that although many have experienced beneficial relieve from use of these filters, some individuals have had greater discomfort from their use. Assess this option carefully.
Choose wired versus wireless thermostats and controls when possible.

WiFi Devices


Wireless technologies and wireless routers have very complex radio signals which have been generated as a result of increasing demand for more information-carrying capabilities.  Any device which is designed for gaming and/or video streaming will have significantly higher RF radiation levels than that of a simple Bluetooth wireless mouse.

When powered on, wireless devices like keyboards, mice, printers, and projectors emit radiation continually. iPod Touch, iPad, and cell phones do as well, and occasionally do even when the device is not in use.

No matter the technology, the recommendation is to not implement wireless devices if you can readily utilize a wired connection.  A wired connection is faster, safer and more secure. There are alternatives to achieving wired connectivity which can utilize coaxial cable (older cable TV wiring) or standard Ethernet cable.

Use wired keyborads, mice, printers and projectors, disabling any wifi feature.
Disable wifi, use airplane mode, or power down the other devices when not in use.

Turning off your wifi at night? Please do! It’s a layer of radiation that doesn’t support health or recuperative sleep. To make it easy, consider plugging in your EMF (electromagnetic frequency) – producing devices into any of three outlets equipped with a $17.99 remote control from Home Depot: Home Depot Wireless Remote Control Outlet

Assess Your Home… Mitigate the Risk

Consider Riun Ashlie, Electromagnetic Radiation Assessment Specialist, 720-557-3369,

Riun  can assess your home and everything electric, as well as sources of radio frequency (RF) radiation and dirty electricity (DE) with a range of sophisticated and sensitive sensors. Where there are electrical errors, dirty electricity, or high levels of RF, he can offer solutions. And he is dedicated to ensuring that your place of sleep is conducive to the recuperative rest your body needs to support optimal vitality.

Learn More

Cliff Notes for Home Safety:

from EMFWise: Practical Steps to Reduce Your Exposure
from ElectricSense: EMFs in Your Home – Protection Tips


by Tirza Derflinger  with Riun Ashlie, Electromagnetic Radiation Assessment Specialist, 720-557-3369,
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