Hydration is Required for Bone Growth

You might be surprised to learn that hydration is not about alkalinity or how much water you drink. Let’s explore water systems with the ultimate goal of ensuring that each of us can acquire true hydration and bone-building water within our individual budgets and lifestyles.

Purity is Important

Why the Quality and Quantity of Your Water is Vital to Your Health” is a primer that focuses on the removal of contaminants, not the contents of water that support our vitality or bone growth.


There are very many water purification products and systems in the marketplace using a variety of materials and methods, i.e. tablets, charcoal, carbon, ceramic, reverse osmosis, distillation, etc. And there are just as many price points spanning inexpensive purification tablets, bottles and filters to expensive whole-house systems.

Either you get a filter, or your body becomes the filter.
– Isabel Friend

In addition to inexpensive purification tablets, some inexpensive filters include:

More expensive filtration systems include:

  • Alexapure removes 200 contaminants for 200 gallons per filter change
  • Aquacera offers a complete line of purifying water systems
  • Aquasana  removes up to 99.99% of 90 contaminants
  • Culligan includes reverse osmosis systems
  • Water-revolution removes contaminants and ionizes for whole house use

And while very expensive, many people claim Berkey is the best:

  • Berkey filters remove 99.9% of contaminants

However – while these filter, none also add ionized electrolytes AND molecularly stable hydrogen or come close to natural spring water.

Please consider reading the article: drinking pure spring water at the source is best.

True Hydration Requires Ionized Electrolytes

Hydration isn’t just about drinking water, but also how and when electrolytes (trace minerals that carry a charge and are energized) are consumed. Learn more about how to keep your mind and body clear and energized with this article: Are You Truly Hydrated? 75% of Us Are Dehydrated.

Adding Electrolytes is Easy

Adding electrolytes to water is relatively inexpensive and easy. While there are many inland sea salts and electrolyte solutions suitable for this purpose, as mentioned in Are You Truly Hydrated? 75% of Us Are Dehydrated, there are also more expensive water systems that ionize water, explained below.

90% of Americans are deficient in trace minerals, essential for good health.

Natural Spring Water Is Naturally Ionized and Alkaline

Mother Earth has provided for life for eons. Her flowing waters are naturally pure, mineral- and hydrogen-rich, ionized (energized), and alkaline because of earthly geology, hydrology and magnetic fields/frequencies. So while the most vital water for humankind comes from natural springs, few of us can consistently drink from the source.

Bottled spring water is appealing, but comes with microplastic contamination, acquisition costs, inefficient recycling programs, and the loss of bioavailable hydrogen with time.

Not All Ionization is Equal

While ionized water carries an electric charge that literally energizes our cells to release ATP energy, not all ionization methods are equal. Adding some or all of the 85+ trace minerals/electrolytes to our water helps, but mother earth’s geology, hydrology, magnetic fields and divine intelligence are still missing. More on mimicking mother nature later…

Some systems electrocute water
Some systems, i.e. Kangen Water and Tyent Water, produce ionized water with machines that use electricity, an AC current, and a process of electrolysis to separate water into streams of various alkaline and acidic pH ranges. The process literally electrocutes the water.

What we do to our water, we do to ourselves.

Far from nature, electrolysis is off my list. In addition, these systems are very expensive in purchase price and maintenance (depending on the quality of the water source). And perhaps more importantly, their resulting ionizing energy and molecular hydrogen are unstable, lasting between 30 minutes and a couple hours. In other words, electrocution results in short-lived ionization and molecular hydrogen, so the water must be consumed quickly for therapeutic benefit.

Ionic charge does not equal molecularly stable structure.
Molecularly structured water occurs in nature and is stable.

Dangers with unnaturally ionized high-alkaline water
While short-term therapeutic benefits may result from unnaturally ionized alkaline water, its consumption for the long-term is suspected to be unhealthy to plants, animals and humans.

Here are studies indicating the occurrence of cellular rupture (cell death), necrosis and fibrosis in the heart muscles of rats:

After long-term consumption of unnaturally high-alkaline water, some individuals develop intense stomach bloating, high H.pylori and ulcers due to the dilution of HCl (hydrochloric acid) and acidophilus. Additionally, live blood analysis indicates excessively high numbers of ruptured cells in the blood.

For me, I choose to seek natural ways of obtaining ionized and slightly alkaline water with bioavailable and stable molecular hydrogen rather than unnatural, electrical methods. But before we discuss how to get water that is closer to nature, let’s explore hydrogen.

Beyond Alkalinity: Hydrogen is Healing!

While researching “true” hydration, I also learned that it is the electrolytes and hydrogen rather than the alkalinity that makes water so healing and hydrating. In fact:

The more bioavailable the hydrogen, the more healing and hydrating the water.

Consider reading the article: Beyond Alkalinity: Hydrogen is Healing! to learn how to inexpensively create structured hydrogen water that provides the anti-oxidative, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging effects that improve inflammation, asthma, Alzheimers and Parkinsons, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes and more.

While naturally occurring spring waters are the most vital for our existence and optimal health, with their ionic trace mineral, structured and stable hydrogen, and slightly alkaline PH content: how can we mimic nature at home?

How Can We Mimic Spring Water in Our Homes?

If you have read the before-mentioned articles, you know how to inexpensively: filter/purify, add ionic trace minerals/electrolytes, and create structured molecular hydrogen water at home. But if you want to benefit from the geology, hydrology and electromagnetic frequencies of mother earth, consider the water system designed to do it all while mimicking nature: Spring Aqua – the Ecosytem in a Box that fits under your kitchen sink or counter. No electric needed.

It is the water system that I use in my home and office.
I understand that Spring Aqua is the choice of Dr. Christiane Northrup too.

Learn more at About Spring Aqua Water.

You can also compare Spring Aqua to Kangen, an electrified water system with this handout.

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