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Do you know that there is a link between our teeth and our health beyond heart disease? Dental issues, whether known or unknown to the individual, impact the functioning of organs and systems, including the breasts and immune system.

While most individuals blame their complaints of joint pain, high inflammation markers, autoimmunity, or organ dysfunction, among others, on aging, they may be surprised to learn that some symptoms may actually be due to an underlying dental issue.

While such issues compromise the immune system and contribute to chronic inflammation, they become “silent killers” when resulting disease, cancers or heart attacks cause death.

In our two part series on dental factors, we will be exploring how cavities, tooth extractions, root canals, amalgam fillings, implants, clenching and oral care impact our health and well-being, and what to do to protect vitality and longevity.

How Teeth Impact Our Bodies

 According to Chinese medicine and acupuncture, our bodies contain meridians, the invisible channels through which chi, a form of life-force energy, circulate throughout the body.

While the Tooth-Organ Acumeridian Chart generalizes relationships between teeth and organs, underlying dental issues may travel by way of connecting tissue, nerve roots and blood vessels from one area to others. This means that some underlying dental issues may be impacting more organs than those indicated in the generalized chart.

  #1 Life Threatening Finding at The Thermogram Center

Does it surprise you that the most commonly observed potentially life-threatening findings observed at The Thermogram Center are not related to cancer, but rather issues under the gum line?

In fact, since COVID, we are experiencing an alarming amount of clients with acute findings under the gum line. Incidence has doubled, if not tripled, with no less than 1 in 3 clients learning of significant issues under the gum line through our risk assessing thermal imaging.

Why More Cases Since COVID/Vaccine?

When coronavirus infects the body, it latches onto the ACE2 receptors of our cells. These receptors are rich in certain areas of the body, including the gums and teeth. It is thought that the blood vessels in the gums become infected and obstructed, leading to necrosis and spontaneous tooth loss without blood, especially amongst long-haulers. (This happened to one of my close friends.)

So if COVID and the vaccine leverage our weakened areas (ie heart, lungs, kidneys, under the gum line) and increase inflammation, it’s no wonder we are seeing so many acute findings under the gum line.

Many clients’ underlying dental issues are more inflamed than ever and more detectable than ever by risk assessing thermal imaging. So while these clients typically feel nothing under the gum line, they are not symptom free in their bodies. Following subsequent diagnostic evaluation and treatment, many clients report that they “feel like a new person” with symptoms having left their bodies. One client reports:

“I’ve had chest pain over the last couple years that is completely gone along with the severe right hip pain I’ve have for seven years. No more brain fog, and I’m sleeping better than I have in 15 years. It’s miraculous.”

It’s No Surpise

 It’s no surprise given the state of standard of care dentistry:

When a typical dentist says, “I see a cavity/decay,” that means that microbes have infected the tooth and are eating it away from inside out. He/she scrapes off what he can see above the gum line and entombs any microbes living below with a cap, crown or filling. If there are a sufficient number of microbes under the gum line, they may continue proliferating and further decay may lead to an abscess, which most people can’t feel but can cause havoc on the body and health.

When a typical dentist pulls a tooth, he/she doesn’t pull the periodontal ligament holding the tooth so the brain thinks the tooth is still present and doesn’t signal the body to send in resources to heal the void. If one’s immune system and healing abilities aren’t adequate and the void doesn’t heal (fill with bone cells) then opportunistic microbes may move into the void contributing to necrosis/ischemic bone disease/cavitation. While people can’t feel this process, it too can cause havoc on the body and health.

Typical dentists routinely provide two dimensional x-ray, which sees one vertical plane and cannot see through the bone and teeth to assess densities or pockets of infection. That would require three dimensional x-ray in the form of Cone Beam Tomography, which isn’t standard of care (because the American Dental Association and typical dentists aren’t willing to admit that they cause such conditions). Can you imagine a dentist saying:

You know that tooth I (filled) pulled for you five years ago?

Well, it’s in a state of (abscess) cavitation which may kill you. Sorry.

 Silent Killers

Because we cannot typically feel potentially life threatening conditions under the gum line and since they are invisible to typical dentists, they are referred to as “Silent Killers.” I hypothesize that millions of Americans are dying a slow death from them: with less than 10% blood supply under the gum line and a more anaerobic environment, disease develops very slowly.

While many individuals undergo wisdom tooth extractions around age 20, they may not suffer fatal conditions (ie heart attacks) for decades (ie age 60) or ever.

However, conditions may range from compromised immunity and vitality to autoimmunity, organ dysfunction, cancer, heart attack and death. Often times, these conditions are not understood to be caused by dental care.

Not many Americans connect their health conditions (or death) to dental care provided decades earlier.

The Thermogram Center recommends the Abdomen, Back and Face Series for all men and women every 3-5 years (not annually like breasts), because issues take time to develop under the gum line. This imaging is the #1 way we support prevention. Take this case, for example:

Tooth Abscess


A common theme we hear from many clients is that they “feel like a new person after surgery.” And nearly all of them report a boost in energy. While each person’s pre-surgery symptoms/complaints are unique to them and range from chronic fatigue, autoimmune conditions, unexplained hip pain, and heart/cardiac concerns, several state their recoveries are “miraculous.”

Click here to hear how this client’s un-erupted wisdom teeth were killing her.

Click here for my “Correlations between Thermal Imaging, 2D X-ray and 3D Cone Beam Tomography with Symptomatic Relief After Surgery.”

Are You at Risk?

If ever you’ve had:

… a cavity, then there is a chance for abscess.

… a wisdom or tooth extraction, or unerupted wisdom teeth, then there is a chance for cavitation.

… a root canal, then there is a chance for disease.

… a heart attack or (breast) cancer, then there is a chance that an underlying dental issue exists. Click here to see examples of dental issues draining into the breasts.

How to Protect Yourself

Consider thermal imaging at The Thermogram Center, to look for warning signs of inflammation under the gum line and potential relationships to remote organ function. While inflammation can be caused by many conditions, subsequent 3D CBT can help distinguish between abscess, cavitation, and other conditions.

Consider holistic biological dentists at To understand why, and to compare such dental care to that of your current dentist, consider these services and these protocols.

Some holistic biological dentists provide proper dental extractions, 3D CBT to diagnose disease, and surgery to remove necrotic tissue. Among other things, they sterilize with ozone, apply laser, inject patient platelet fibrin in the space, recommend two to four weeks of pre-op and four to eight weeks of post-op protocols involving diet, anti-inflammatory, immunity and healing support.

While I have personally vetted about twelve such dentists along Colorado’s Front Range and have had procedures done by about five of them over the last twenty years, here are those to whom I entrust my life:

Boulder’s Family Holistic Dentistry at
Denver’s Dynamic Dental Solutions at

On the Western Slope:

Aspen’s Elevate Dental Wellness at

Outside of Colorado, I have heard many positive remarks about:

Utah’s Dr. Judson Wall, DDS at
Switzerland’s Swiss Bioheath at

Wherever you go, be sure to obtain the latest generation of 3D CBT technology, ie 2018 or newer, for sensitivity that is not likely to miss underlying issues.

Learn More

Consider and in the search bar type: Root Cause Documentary 2018

Consider Google: Risks of Root Canals, or Root Canals and Breast Cancer, or Alternatives to Root Canals

Consider which offers many educational materials, including a Dental Glossary explaining cavitations, root canals, implants; removable bridges, composite fillings, braces, ceramic crowns, children’s chrome crowns, gold crowns; LP composite crowns; dentures; mercury fillings and mercury toxicity.

Consider Part 2 of our two part series on dental factors with information on: amalgam fillings, implants and mercury; oral care including brushing, flossing, rinsing, oil pulling, and fluoride; and clenching/grinding.

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