Warning from the CDC: Experiencing stress, isolation, loss, or systemic social inequities is harmful to the health of Americans. Improving emotional well-being, social connectedness, and resiliency… is critical to population health.

Emotional Trauma and Breast Cancer

 For twenty years, Dr. John R.M. Day was a breast surgeon in Colorado and is co-author of the book Better Breast Health – for Life!™. One common thread among all the women he encountered with breast cancer was that each had experienced some emotional heart-felt trauma, usually in a 2 to 5 year period prior to the cancer diagnosis.

Emotions and Energetic Chakras

Dr. Christiane Northrup, author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom and The Wisdom of Menopause, indicates that there is a connection between our emotional and physical beings by way of chakras.

Chakras are the seven energy centers in the body that, according to her, “connect our nerves, hormones, and emotions… and run parallel to the body’s neuroendocrine-immune system…”

The 4th Chakra Connects to the Breasts

Each chakra, or energy center, has been linked to specific organs of the body by Eastern cultures. The fourth chakra, located between the breasts, is the chakra linked to the breasts.

The Emotions Linked to Breast Cancer

The energy center that can store the emotions of a “broken heart”, the fourth chakra, according to Dr. Northrup, can contribute to ill health when we have issues with fully expressing and resolving anger, hostility, joy, love, grief, and forgiveness.

In Dr. Northrup’s book, Carolyn Myss, a renown medical intuitive notes that the major emotions behind breast cancer are “hurt, sorrow, and unfinished emotional business generally related to nurturance.”

 Managing Emotions

It seems logical then, that developing positive, supportive emotional and spiritual relationships and maintaining appropriate, effective methods of self-expression can be helpful. Surrounding oneself with love from others, self- love, and laughter may also add to well being.

Components of Health

Optimal health means that we optimize:

 – what comes in… through diet, emotions, energy, etc

– what goes out… through elimination, sweating (exercise), talking, etc

what gets left behind… needs to be detoxed

Advice: choose your company carefully and name it, claim it, let it go (therapists, support groups, loving friends may help) when it comes to processing life experiences.

Processing Life Experiences

 From The Kelly Program, the body is a subconscious vault of all mental, emotional and spiritual experiences. Lifetime experiences, emotions and stressors can come together to cause cancer to harbor in the “weakened” areas of the body. So, discovering and releasing emotional influences can loosen cancer’s anchor and power in the body.

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