First-time Breast, Abdomen, Back and Face clients receive a $125 discount:
    $325 Breasts
+  $400 Abdomen, Back and Face – $125 discount = $275
    $725 discounted to $600
Answer these four questions to learn what your insurer will cover...

Our service codes are covered by insurers, but we are out-of-network. Health Sharing, Flexible Spending Accounts and Health Savings Accounts typically cover 100%. We cannot guarantee coverage. While we are a fee-for-service provider, we will provide you with a helpful Superbill for use in filing a claim for reimbursement.

To learn about your out-of-network benefits, consider posing these questions to your health insurer:

  • Do I have out-of-network benefits (or only in-network benefits)?
    • If yes:
      • Do these benefits cover preventive services, ie CPT code 99386 (preventive medical evaluation)? Do not use the term thermography!
      • What percent of such service charges are typically applied towards the out-of-network deductible (or reimbursed to me once the deductible is met)?
      • What is my out-of-network deductible and have I met it this annum?
    • If no, please consider using Health Savings Account funds, if you have them.
See what's included...
  • 90 minute You Tube video to watch at home prior to your imaging session
  • 30 minute imaging session in Boulder, Centennial, Fort Collins or Lakewood
    • You will be able to purchase the paperback version of the latest publication of “Better Breast Health – for Life!“™ if you choose.
    • 48 hour STAT reports are available upon request and require an additional charge.
  • 60 minute virtual review and consultation in the days after imaging
    • Tirza Derflinger, your consultant with over 20 years’ experience, explains the lymphatic system, sources of bodily inflammation potentially draining into the breasts, and opportunities to improve bodily functioning based on your images.
    • Recommended self-care action steps will be recorded on your individualized Actions Checklist… your summary and prevention homework assignment.
  • How-to self-care education documents focusing on gut, dental and bone/spine health
  • Resources lists of Front Range holistic, functional, integrative, natural, and/or alternative health professionals (intended for those seeking professional testing, guidance, and/or care).
  • List of medical doctors for those seeking further evaluation by ultrasound (mammography not reuqured).
  • Interpretive reports typically post to your portal space in about a week as a PDF file and include:
    • Breast interpretive report with a cover letter recapping the imaging services at The Thermogram Center
    • Guide to Understanding Risk Assessing Thermal Imaging Reports
    • Thermobiological Risk Ratings
    • Hormonal Grade
    • images in grayscale, reversed grayscale, and color
  • Superbill/recipt (with all 5 codes needed for insurance)