Abdomen, Back and Face

Recommended for men and women every 3-5 years with review/consult in order to monitor localized sources of inflammation in the body, particularly dental issues under the gum line, their effects on the body/breasts, and to obtain the latest self-care preventive education materials. *The Most Popular Service for Men*

Abdomen, Back and Face Services total $400

Answer these four questions to learn what your insurer will cover...

Our service codes are covered by insurers, but we are out-of-network. Health Sharing, Flexible Spending Accounts and Health Savings Accounts typically cover 100%. We cannot guarantee coverage. While we are a fee-for-service provider, we will provide you with a helpful Superbill for use in filing a claim for reimbursement.

To learn about your out-of-network benefits, consider posing these questions to your health insurer:

  • Do I have out-of-network benefits (or only in-network benefits)?
    • If yes:
      • Do these benefits cover preventive services, ie CPT code 99386 (preventive medical evaluation)? Do not use the term thermography!
      • What percent of such service charges are typically applied towards the out-of-network deductible (or reimbursed to me once the deductible is met)?
      • What is my out-of-network deductible and have I met it this annum?
    • If no, please consider using Health Savings Account funds, if you have them.
See what's included...
  • 30 minute You Tube video to watch at home prior to your imaging session
  • 30 minute imaging session in Boulder, Centennial, Fort Collins or Lakewood
    • You will be able to purchase the paperback version of the latest publication of “Better Breast Health – for Life!™ if you choose.
    • 48 hour STAT reports are available upon request and require an additional charge.
  • 60 minute virtual review and consultation in the days after imaging
    • Tirza Derflinger, your consultant with over 20 years’ experience, explains the lymphatic system, sources of bodily inflammation and opportunities to improve bodily functioning based on your images.
    • Recommended self-care action steps will be recorded on your individualized Actions Checklist… your summary and prevention homework assignment.
  • How-to self-care education documents focusing on gut, dental and bone/spine health
  • Resources lists of Front Range holistic, functional, integrative, natural, and/or alternative health professionals (intended for those seeking professional testing, guidance, and/or care).
  • List of medical doctors for those seeking further evaluation by ultrasound.
  • Images in grayscale, reversed grayscale, and color
  • Superbill/recipt (with all 5 codes needed for insurance)