Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine and/or Doctor of Oriental Medicine 
Functional Nutrition/Nutritional Genomics
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Monique Larson, Dr.
1018 Centre Avenue , Fort Collins, Colorado 80526, United States

We are unconditionally committed to providing you with the very best medical care in a gentle, compassionate, and highly effective manner. We have created a setting that is healing, comfortable, and safe. Our goal is to guide patients to their full health potential.

We have intentionally placed a limit on the number of patients we see in a day in order to give each patient quality time, without wasting your time in the waiting room.  It’s of utmost importance to us to be able to spend enough time with each patient so we can make an accurate diagnosis and devise an individualized treatment plan that can effectively and rapidly bring each patient back to health.

We also allow enough time to be able to address any concerns and answer any questions that you may have.  A substantial number of the cases we treat in the clinic are patients with chronic and sometimes disabling problems that have not been resolved by conventional medical care.

Our success rate in these cases is very high because of the effectiveness of Chinese medicine.