Exercise, Gyrotoinics, Yoga and/or Pilates 
Energy and/or Spiritual Healing and/or Medical Intuitive 
Life/Lifestyle/Personal Health Coach 
Psychotherapy/Counseling and/or Energy Therapy, Hypnotherapy 
Animal Health and/or Communicator
Listing Information
Marlene Prinzing, M.A., B.A. Dance/Kinesiology, B.S. Advertising/Marketing, M.A. Body-Psychology. Certified in : Yoga, Exercise Therapy, Spinal Rehab, TTT Teacher.
2412 Bristol Street , Superior, Colorado 80027

​​​The Prinzing Method™ gives you both a Body-Recipe and a Body-Blue-Print.

​A Body-Recipe is individually created for you based on your body, mind, and soul needs. We all have different needs, different bodies, and different souls. We all have unique desires and goals. We are all here for A Purpose. We are all made up of A Physical Body, A Physiological Body, and A Psychological Body. This is called Wholeness. Your Body-Recipe will include All of your Needs and Wants-Today. Your Body-Recipe may change over time depending upon what is ‘ up ‘ in your life at that moment.