Rolfing Structural Integration and/or Reiki
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Vivian Gettliffe, Certified Rolfer
2970 Washington Street , Boulder, CO 80304

Rolfing® structural integration releases holding and compensations which develop over time due to habit or injury. As the body “resets” and alignment improves, there is less wear and tear on joints and pain diminishes. What some clients have said about the Rolfing series with Vivian:

“I received the basic series from Vivian and was thrilled with the results from Rolfing. Structural integration has helped improve my balance and reduce chronic pain. thank you, Vivian!”

“Chronic pain that I simply accepted as something I just have to live with for the rest of my life… is gone. That bike crash and subsequent shoulder pain… gone. Pain when I work on the computer… gone. Knee pain… gone. I have regained that youthful swing in the hip and bounce in my step. The reassuring thing is I did this over a 5 month time frame, and the improvements I made in the beginning have been long lasting, not reverting to the old patterns. Rolfing with Vivian has been the most therapeutic thing I have done for myself in my life.”

“I am tremendously grateful for the experience of Rolfing with Vivian. She is methodical, professional, gentle, patient and very thorough. I experienced a great sense of release and recalibration in my bones and body. this has enhanced my overall well-being in numerous ways.”

“This is the best thing I’ve ever done for my body. My back pain is gone and I feel 15 years younger. Why did I wait so long?”

“I had previously been to chiropractors and massage therapists but I honestly didn’t realize that any kind of bodywork could actually restructure my problem areas. [The Rolfing basic series] far exceeded [my expectations]!”

“After two cortisone shots to my lower back (which didn’t relieve my pain completely), Vivian was my last resort before the very real possibility of back surgery. I didn’t expect complete relief, but Vivian very patiently and thoroughly worked out all the long-held kinks in my body over several sessions and fixed me! I can’t recommend her enough. I’m very grateful to Vivian for healing my back.”