Nutrition/De-Tox/Cleansing/Lifestyle and/or Bio-Assesssment 
Functional Nutrition/Nutritional Genomics
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Jess Higgins Kelley, MNT, ONC
Telehealth via video conferencing or phone , Denver, CO 80204

Remission Nutrition consults one-on-one with clients and students worldwide through live video conferencing on personalized therapeutic diets, supplement protocols and lifestyle approaches for the prevention and management of cancer.

We design and custom tailor nutrition plans to each person based on their goals, lab results, and Terrain Ten assessment. From cleaning up a person’s diet a bit to implementing intermittent fasting and/or a therapeutic ketogenic diet-we support our clients on many levels. We educate about medicinal foods and how to integrate them into one’s diet as well as offer practical tips such as where to shop/source the highest quality foods and how to prepare them.

Our consults also address mind/body medicine, stress reduction, exercise, and spirituality all of which have been shown to increase quality of life and remission potential. One’s environment, including EMF and toxic chemical exposure is absolutely also evaluated.

We advise and suggest supplements and foods that will not interfere with conventional treatments or other medications but rather enhance the body’s ability to prevent and manage cancer or prevent its occurrence in the first place. Nutrition therapy can even enhance the effectiveness of conventional treatments including surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation while also helping to reduce side effects. Our protocols address underlying issues, while supporting one’s terrain.

We review, monitor and may request lab work in order to create a personalized nutrition plan and track its progress. From basic labs like CBC to specialized testing including genetic (Nutrition Genome), microbiome, hormones, digestive function, and much more, we want to see the big picture!

Thousands of research studies have proven the anti-cancer benefits of many different types of foods and phytonutrients. Learning how to incorporate these foods onto your plate will enhance your potential to achieve and remain in remission.