Nutrition/De-Tox/Cleansing/Lifestyle and/or Bio-Assesssment
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Caroline Smith, BS, MS, BST, CNHP, CNC
1061 Thames Street , Highlands Ranch, CO 80126

I work with individuals and groups blending food, fitness and alternative medicine. Some of the populations/issues I work with are: disease management, weight/energy management, aging/elderly, hormonal imbalances, sleep disruptions, allergy, memory, focus weaknesses and the recreational and elite athletes. I believe in food first. If you eat right for your body type, blood type, metabolic profile, genetics and activity then your weak link can reveal itself and be addressed. Now you are dealing with the root of a cause not chasing symptoms. I can test supplements and/or set up homeopathic/supplement packages to help you balance the weak links or calm down those things that are hyper-responsive in the body using the BodyScan 2010. For a more thorough break down see my website under products for the various services I offer.