Reproductive Health, Natural/Bio-Identical Hormones and/or Anti-Aging 
Medical Doctor 
Energy and/or Spiritual Healing and/or Medical Intuitive 
Life/Lifestyle/Personal Health Coach 
Patient Advocacy 
Psychotherapy/Counseling and/or Energy Therapy, Hypnotherapy
Listing Information
John Day, MD
174 Moonlight Overlook , Crestone, CO 81131

As a former general surgeon for 25 years, I have extensive experience in treating cancer and other degenerative diseases.
The health model I have offered since 2001 is based upon my experience treating breast cancer patients as a surgeon.
This model addresses any concerns one has in body, mind, emotions, and spirit.
Special focuses include: genetics, advanced laboratory testing, food and supplements, heart electromagnetics, trauma resolution, how to gain emotional clarity, identification of heart based primary motivators, and energy healing.