Nutrition/De-Tox/Cleansing/Lifestyle and/or Bio-Assesssment 
Exercise, Gyrotoinics, Yoga and/or Pilates
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Jacqueline Stevens, CHT
88 Inverness Cir. E. Ste. A-105 , Englewood, CO 80122

If you struggle with pain, inflammation, stress, osteoporosis, lack of flexibility and balance, diminished muscle strength, reduced energy, imbalanced hormones, and lack of sleep, to name just a few, our system will help bring your body back into balance.
We offer customized programs focused on neurological fitness and alternative, preventative health and beauty. We utilize cutting edge innovative equipment that helps all health challenges, and initiates rejuvenation and fitness.
Our method not only produces real, palpable results but is one of the fastest and easiest paths to better health, fitness and internal balance with accelerated benefits becoming apparent in as little as 8 weeks.
Some of the equipment in our system:
The INFRAFITX is a recumbent bike surrounded by infrared light and achieves body contouring, cellulite reduction, loss of inches, detoxes, initiates fat burn, initiates collagen and elastin production and provides support of the healing processes.
The bioDensity is scientifically proven to improve bone density, reversing osteoporosis, as well as improving muscle density and functional strength.
The Power Plate provides accelerated training which increases muscle strength, bone density, flexibility, decreases stress, improves lymphatic system, circulation, balances hormones and promotes faster recovery. Whole body vibration has been used to provide relief from an array of ailments too numerous to list.
The iMRS works on a cellular level to increase energy, reduce pain, reduce stress, increase bone density, boost the immune system, initiate oxygenation, improve circulation and brain function, and promote better, more productive sleep. In addition the iMRS initiates much faster recovery from any illness, injury, surgery, accident or workout.
The Shifter offers reflex training with a bi-lateral independent training device which utilizes inertia and momentum. Benefits include injury prevention, fall prevention, performance enhancement, symmetry and balance and joint health.
Pilates reformer increases core muscle strength, and improves balance and body flexibility.
Also available are integrative health services provided by Kelway Health with specialized strategies in autoimmunity.
Slowing the aging process, and helping you become healthy from the inside out!