Energy and/or Spiritual Healing and/or Medical Intuitive 
Functional Nutrition/Nutritional Genomics
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Nicole Pavlica
2333 Harmony Park Drive , Westminster, Colorado 80234, United States

I help people like you accomplish their wellness goals by providing inspiration, insight, and tools AND by providing cheerleading and accountability so that you don’t fall back into old patterns. Integrated Specialties include:

–Wellness Coaching (i.e. dietary changes, fitness, stress management)
–Gut Health Optimization (inflammation/GI testing and implementation)
–Physical Wellbeing (fitness, yoga, stress management)
–Energetic Wellbeing (reiki, yoga)
–Mental Health Support (stress management, meditation, clinical physician support)
–Career Coaching & Transitions (identifying and landing your ideal, heart-centered job)

I’m especially well suited for working professionals with a lot on their plate and not a lot of time. As a former marketing executive, juggling 2 kids and my own interests, I get having “a full plate” and the guilt that working parents lay on themselves as they try to invest in their own wellness. I’ll help you reconnect with your core values and optimize your time management skills so you can stay on track without losing MORE sleep.