Dentistry: Mercury-Free and/or Biological
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Sharla Aronson
4027 Boardwalk Drive , Fort Collins, Colorado 80525, United States

We are state of the art dental office providing health enhancing biological dentistry. Our office is warm and open and was designed with families in mind. Our goal is to provide a positive, comfortable experience, and to make our patients feel heard, validated and at ease. We are a mercury free office and we understand and honor the connection between your oral and systemic health. Our team provides a personalized touch and gentle care to help you keep your smile healthy, functional and vibrant. Let us earn your continued business. We are always accepting new patients.

We focus on the oral-systemic connection and seek to Identify and manage the root cause of dental problems. How are we different? We use the Lightwalker laser. It is more conservative, precise & less painful than drills. Provides disinfection of dentin and bone and promotes healing in pulp, TMJ and periodontal structures. Platelet rich Fibrin(PRF)- using your own growth factors to improve healing from surgery.  Biocompatible materials- we select the cleanest, least toxic materials available. SMART certified through IAOMT- We utilized this research based protocol to remove mercury amalgams. Ozone- Made from oxygen, it has incredible disinfecting and healing properties. It is used in our water , to clean rooms, applied to teeth for disinfection and healing and as an alternative to fluoride. Ceraroot Zirconia implants – Strong, biologically friendly and white .

Other services include:

-SMART-Use of lightwalker laser-BPA free Composites and sealants-Ozone Oxygen therapy -Biocompatibility testing- Digital xrays & 3D CBCT -Alpha Stim technology-Metal free crowns,bridges and implants, Ceraroot Zirconia Implants