Dentistry: Mercury-Free and/or Biological
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Guy Grabiak DMD, FAGD
5920 South Estes Street , Littleton, Colorado 80123, United States

At Denver Dentistry we invite you to take part in a different kind of dental experience. We spend time listening to you – your concerns, preferences, ideas, and questions, and trust that ultimately, you are in charge of your body and your treatment. We work closely with our patients, educating them and creating custom treatment plans that fits their specific needs and values. Only by fully understanding your personal situation and treatment options, can you choose how to proceed with care, directing us as you believe is best.

Our highly trained team practices functional dentistry from a holistic standpoint, carefully analyzing your system as a whole instead of a collection of different body parts. At your appointment(s) we will evaluate how your systemic health affects your oral health. Then, we integrate both traditional and alternative dental treatments to improve your well-being both systemically and orally. If dental or gingival therapies are needed, we only use the most biocompatible materials available to minimize your exposure to any toxins that have the potential to cause systemic complications. We can accomplish this by offering metal-free, mercury-free, BPA-free, and fluoride-free alternatives to today’s more traditional dental treatments. As an extra measure, we offer biocompatibility testing, attempting to identify the safest choice for each person, before placing any materials.

Our utmost goal is to provide the highest quality dental care treating causes, not symptoms. All the while, offering meticulous, uncompromising, state-of-the-art dental care with a commitment to quality and beauty. If you are looking for a dental team who will listen to your needs and provide care to meet your family’s oral health needs and values, contact Denver Dentistry to schedule your appointment with us today!