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Sabrina Dvorak
Telemedicine/Virtual! , Englewood, Colorado 80111, United States

Hi! My name is Sabrina Dvorak, and I’m the founder of EHC. I’m a single mother of 19-year old twin boys in college and have a daughter who just turned 2! I always wanted twin boys and a little girl; I just never thought I’d have the boys at age 23 and my little girl at age 42! What a gift.

However, even things you hope for can be difficult. As a single mother, I’ve been destructive in the past with my health and had to learn the hard way how to handle stress, manage three children, start a business, and not go crazy! But most importantly, how to stay healthy so I can have the energy I need to be my best self, for me, and them.

I have hundreds of hours in post-graduate training and years of experience in functional medicine and conventional medicine. As a nurse practitioner, my scope of practice is not limited. I can prescribe and diagnose, just like a medical doctor. My mission is to help you understand why you feel the way you do and reverse the cause of your illness using advanced testing and pharmaceuticals/herbal medicine. I am compassionate, organized, and have a high understanding of the body, mind, and spirit to help patients feel like themselves again.