Chiropractic Doctor 
Reproductive Health, Natural/Bio-Identical Hormones and/or Anti-Aging 
Maya Abdominal Massage and/or Pelvic Floor Rehab 
Midwifery; Pre-Natal and/or Pediatric; Lactation & Mastitis Support
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Colleen Holland, DC
2850 McClelland Dr. Ste 3600 , Fort Collins, Colorado 80525

Menstrual cycles have been around, well, since the beginning of human existence. And despite being the reason we continue to exist, we have been encouraged to not talk about our periods. Taboo has led to shame, ignorance, fear and unacceptable suffering.

At Womb for Growth, menstrual cycles and periods are not taboo. Discussing your periods and learning how to understand your cycles leads to better health, reproductive freedom, confidence in your body, and if you desire, a powerful connection to your divine feminine. We have the resources you need to make it easy for you.