Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine and/or Doctor of Oriental Medicine
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Mary Saunders, LAc
3405 Penrose Place, Ste. 202 , Boulder, CO 80301

Our goal is to make affordable acupuncture accessible to our community. Acupuncture is used by nearly one-third of the planet’s people because it has proven to be effective: acupuncture treats the root cause of illness as well as the symptoms. Acupuncture is most effective when treatments are consistent and frequent. With regular treatments, YOU get results!

Boulder Community Acupuncture makes receiving treatment on a consistent and frequent basis possible because it is now affordable. We trust you will value receiving treatment and will pay what your circumstances allow.

At Boulder Community Acupuncture, you will receive individualized care with complete respect for the privacy of your personal history. Each person comes at an appointed time, consults quietly with their practitioner, and then receives treatment.