Dentistry: Mercury-Free and/or Biological
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John Augspurger, DDS
455 S Hudson St. #200 , Denver, Colorado 80246

The basis of biological, holistic dentistry is that everything in your body is connected to everything else. The human body operates as an intricate, coordinated system. When we are healthy our bodies are much more resistant to disease. And conversely, when we not healthy, we will be more prone to disease and dental disease is just one of them.

A biological dentist works with YOU to improve everything in the body by improving your teeth…. specifically the microcirculation, lymphatic function, blood flow, oxygenation, and the health of the bone and supportive structures. Our primary approach is aimed specifically at connecting the dots with the rest of the body and looking way beyond the traditional “one tooth” approach. As your dental health improves, so does your overall health.

The health of your whole mouth and body is our top priority. At BioDentist, we treat our patients holistically. In fact, we often have to undo procedures performed elsewhere because of the toxic effects that mercury, root canals, toxic metals, and fluoride have on your body. We focus on the reasons why you have dental issues and customize your dental experience to address the root cause of those issues. Your body is innately designed to heal and we are here to help.