Nutrition/De-Tox/Cleansing/Lifestyle and/or Bio-Assesssment 
Chiropractic Doctor 
Exercise, Gyrotoinics, Yoga and/or Pilates 
Bio-Photon and/or Cold Light Laser Therapy or Pulsed Harmonix 
Vision Therapy/Optometry 
Brain Integration/Healing 
Essential Oils: incl. DoTerra and/or Young Living 
Functional Neurology (Board Certified)
Listing Information
Paul Austin , DC, CCSP. DACNB
362 S. McCaslin Blvd , Louisville, CO 80027

Austin Functional Wellness is a full service clinic that specializes in both acute and chronic neurological cases that often haven’t responded to other forms of therapy. As a Board Certified Functional Neurologist ( Dr. Austin works with patients who have Concussions, Vertigo and balance disorders (Testing with CAPS technology), ADHD and Autism, Eye movement dysfunction, Cognitive Decline, acute and chronic pain and many other neurological conditions. Dr. Austin has numerous diagnostic and treatment tools that are unique to his specialty (including Interactive Metronome and Neuro Sensory Motor Integrator). He has also worked with spinal based disorders for 30 years and is an expert in spinal manipulation. His office also offers Eyelights color and light therapy, massage therapy, Young Living essential oils, exercise therapy, and nutritional counseling. Dr. Austin uses diagnostic blood testing to help evaluate health and wellness in the body. This includes standard medical blood tests, food sensitivity, hormonal, cardiac panels, GI (stool) and micronutrient testing.