Emotional/Physical Healing via Delta/Theta Wave Technology 
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Alexandra Clark, M.Ed, BS, BA Hons
3400 E Bayaud Ave ste 444 , Denver, CO 80209

After completing my M.Ed in Counseling from the College of William and Mary , I wanted to combine my life long interest in holistic health with my studies in counseling and energy work by offering my clients support on the healing journey. I became interested in the remarkable Ondamed machine when I faced a health challenge myself (Lymes disease) and noted it was enthusiastically endorsed by many cutting edge and alternative MDs as well as patients. I have studied many different forms of energy work and used flower remedies for many years and have had the honor to work with those with terminal illnesses in their final months. More recently I have added Faster EFT, a remarkably effective modality to address emotions, memories,fears and everyday stress and anxiety. With a particular interest in Lymes disease and detoxification, particularly post chemo and radiation for which I have found the Ondamed to be very helpful, my passion is to support clients on their journeys to emotional, physical and spiritual well being. I am fluent in Spanish and Portuguese (brought up in Brazil) and have a working knowledge of French. I have a particular sensitivity to cross cultural issues.


M.Ed Counseling (College of William and Mary), BS Psychology (Virginia Tech), BA Hons Spanish (Bristol University, UK) , Certified Ondamed therapist, Faster EFT practitioner, Nutritional Herbologist, Family Herbalist (Dr. Christopher School of Natural Healing) Certified Massage Therapist (VA) , Holistic Aesthetician (VA), Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Reiki Master, Reconnective Healing, Healing Touch and numerous other energy work courses.