Nutrition/De-Tox/Cleansing/Lifestyle and/or Bio-Assesssment 
Chiropractic Doctor 
Life/Lifestyle/Personal Health Coach 
Infrared Sauna 
Essential Oils: incl. DoTerra and/or Young Living 
Modulated Microcurrent for Pain and/or Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) 
Functional Nutrition/Nutritional Genomics
Listing Information
Kelly Shockley, DC, DACBSP
9137 E. Mineral Cir., Ste. 380 , Centennial, CO 80112

Dr. Kelly Shockley has been providing foundational medicine and sports health care in the Centennail, Park Meadows area since 2005. Dr. Kelly provides customized nutrition, lifestyle and food plans through comprehensive bloodwork, hair analysis, urinalysis, urine challenges and any other necessary testing. She creates a customized treatment plan for you that allows her to fully address your specific needs which optimizes your results. This approach addresses the underlysing CAUSE(s) of your health challenges versus the symptom. This is the core belief of her practice. Her mission is to help as many people as possible, at any age, live life at their highest potential.