Nutrition/De-Tox/Cleansing/Lifestyle and/or Bio-Assesssment 
Naturopathic and/or Homeopathic Doctor 
Life/Lifestyle/Personal Health Coach 
Functional Nutrition/Nutritional Genomics
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Terence Trinka, O.D., CN
26689 Pleasant Park Rd , Conifer, CO 80433

When you realize optimal health you feel good and have plenty of energy and enthusiasm for everything you do. Terry Trinka has spent more than 30 years helping clients learn how to optimize their health. These are the steps I use to help people feel better and overcome health challenges. These steps are logical and build on each other. To follow these steps involves “unpeeling” of the onion and identifying the layers of your body’s health issues. Through lab tests we can best identify where the imbalances are. Otherwise you are guessing. The path is straightforward and includes consultation, testing and a tailored program of supplements and/or dietary changes. Depending upon your specific health concerns testing recommendations may include blood chemistries, salivary hormone tests, food sensitivity, leaky gut and microbiome testing. We recognize that each person is unique and requires a distinctive evaluation and program.