Announcing Exciting Changes at The Thermogram Center

Announcing Exciting Changes at The Thermogram Center

June 1st, 2015

Many of you know I’ve been serving men and women since 2002 with Advanced Thermography unparalleled by other thermographers with risk assessment and preventive education. It has been a privilege to serve so many dealing with previously unknown issues, including tooth socket infections, cavitations, gut dysfunction, cancers, and more. I’ve done my best to serve your highest good. And because of your support, I am pleased to announce many new changes and expansion plans to enhance and expand the level and availability of services.

After adding new team members, Mtn. Dog Media and a focus group, we have changed our name back to: The Thermogram Center, Inc. Many of you are familiar with this name, as we used it from 2002 – 2013. It’s back to stay! And we’ve developed new slogans:

For women: Because You Deserve More Than a Mammogram™
For all: Empower Yourself Today for a Healthier Tomorrow

To enhance our services, we’ve launched a new website which revolves around Our 4-step Approach: Learn the Risks, Manage Your Risks, Measure, Monitor & Adjust and Celebrate Success! Our new website hosts a library of example images, case studies and self-help preventive education, tools, resources, and more (from Better Breast Health - for Life!™). Stay connected with The Thermogram Center on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, and YouTube. Followers will receive updates on new educational content and special offers.

Look for empowering information in the library at the Preventive Support page of our website. Each week we will feature a unique topic from one of the four steps of Our Approach, spanning risk factor education, management tips, and success stories.

If you are interested in receiving our Preventive Support articles in the form of a monthly newsletter and you are already a client, be sure to add to your contact list as many Hotmail, msn and yahoo accounts block this corporate account. You can also subscribe by completing the brief form below. Newsletter subscribers will receive special coupons and offers from The Thermogram Center.

To expand our services, we are adding a few key managers and consultants to guide us into a franchising model in 2016, with more locations to serve you, the Western Slope, and beyond. If you are interested in a management role or in acquiring a franchise, please send an e-mail with your resume and a letter describing your interest/intent to

In closing, thank you for your continued support. Your gracious reviews and referrals have enabled us to bring Risk Assessing Thermal Imaging into the lives of thousands, where the number one potentially life-threatening finding isn’t cancer – it’s tooth socket infection.

Coming up next Monday we will explore two ways that bras affect our risk for breast cancer and tips we can take to reduce that risk.


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