Our Mission at The Thermogram Center:

Our Mission at The Thermogram Center:

The mission of The Thermogram Center is to empower clients and their health providers with thermobiological information on (breast) health to make more informed decisions about the need for further evaluation and/or intervention efforts. The Founder of (TTC) also founded the Breast Health Education Group, authors of, "Better Breast Health - for Life!™", dedicated to educating the public about the risk factors that contribute to breast cancer and strategies to manage/reduce them.

We provide breast and body imaging, thermobiogical risk assessment, monitoring services, and strive to provide the highest level of quality and service possible with advanced technology; strict, standardized protocols; certified and experienced service providers; a comfortable imaging environment; and comprehensive "direct-to-consumer" services and reporting.

  • Advanced Technology: high resolution digital images in color and B&W with camera and software FDA-approved for medical application (K numbers under the Quality page) capturing high-resolution images with 307,200 temperature readings to 0.05ºC sensitivity and 0.69mrad spatial resolution in a split-second (you receive your images in black & white and in color).

When risk factors are suspected, i.e. lymphatic congestion, excess estrogen stimulation, systemic inflammation, etc. they become the focus of the educational review and individualized risk factors consultation during the review at the appointment, to support prevention.

  • Certified and Experienced Providers: image acquisition through a Board Certified Clinical Thermographic Technician; analyses and interpretive reporting through a U.S. Based Board Certified Clinical Breast Thermologist with 30+ years of interpretive experience.
  • Direct to Consumer: provides reporting complete with easy-to-understand explanation sheets and follow-up recommendations directly to clients.
    • Unlike some imaging offices, you receive your reports and images.
    • Also, some imaging offices request that you return for re-examination in 90 days. We recommend re-examination based on your thermobiological risk ratings. Only high/highest risk clients are recommended for re-examination in 90 days.

Our goal is to empower clients with:

  • Thermobiological information about their health to make more informed decisions about the need for further evaluation and/or intervention efforts,
  • Prevention education about the risk factors that contribute to breast cancer/health issues and strategies to manage/reduce them, and
  • Community Resource Sheets listing local health professionals to support their efforts.