About Our Breast Imaging: 100% safe. No radiation. No contact. No pain.

Thermography is NOT the same as Mammography

Like mammography, thermography looks for the presence of cancer. But our mission is to identify the sources of inflammation in the body draining lymphatically into the breasts, contributing to waste collecting in the breasts, symptoms of pain and/or lumps, and cancer risk

in time to intervene and support prevention.

Breast Cancer Does NOT Start in the Breasts

Head and body inflammation drain lymphatically into the breasts, like a faucet drains into the basins of a sink.

Breast cancer starts as processes that go awry in the body, i.e. gut dysfunction and/or dental issues under the gum line that are unknown to the client or their dentist.

Most Popular Imaging for First-Time Women

Breast, Abdomen, Back and Face

First-time clients typically  choose our Breast, Abdomen, Back and Face Series to see and learn how to address sources of inflammation to support prevention of breast cancer and future unhealthy bodily conditions.