“My mammogram is always normal.”

Because mammograms can miss 20% – 75% of breast cancers, many women are getting a false sense of security: while their mammograms may be normal, their lives may be threatened with aggressive breast cancer.[i],[ii] Hence our trademark: You Deserve More Than a Mammogram™. The more aggressive a cancer, the more thermally active and visible it is on a thermogram.

“I have dense (or lumpy) breasts.”

Mammograms of dense breasts miss the most cancers because cancer is also dense, so dense breasts obscure cancers. But density is inconsequential to thermal imaging.

“I have breast implants.”

There is no risk of rupturing an implant with thermal imaging because there is no compression.

 “I need additional evaluation following my mammograms.”


When the mammogram isn’t effective, it can lead to additional testing, and perhaps even unnecessary procedures and treatment. About 80% of breast biopsies turn out to be benign. A twenty-year study found that up to 25% of breast cancers diagnosed via mammography were Stage 0 but treated with mastectomies.[iii],[iv],[v]

 “I’m concerned about a lump.”

Since 4 out of 5 breast biopsies are benign[vi], adjunctive information obtained through non-invasive thermal imaging may be helpful.

“I’m under 45 (or 50) and have a family history of breast cancer.”

While routine mammograms are recommended for women age 45 (or 50) and up, thermal imaging is recommended for women ages 20 and up. And up to 95% of all cancers are caused by somatics, not genetics.[vii]  So whether you have a family history or not, your chances of getting cancer are more likely linked to how you live and risk factors other than genetics. Hence the importance of preventive lifestyles.

“I used birth control pills for years.”

The highest risk factor for developing breast cancer is prolonged exposure to excess estrogen. Risk may significantly increase for those who have used birth control pills or synthetic hormone replacement therapy for years, i.e. ten years of more.

The Thermogram Center, Inc. provides each breast client a Hormonal Grade to indirectly assess and monitor the level of estrogen stimulation in the breasts. This enables women an opportunity to intervene when levels are high, and monitor  the results of her efforts over time, supporting prevention. No other Colorado thermographer provides such a Hormonal Grade.

 “I want to prevent cancer, not detect it.”

Mammograms, ultrasounds, MRIs and basic thermography focus on detection. Advanced Thermography in the form of Risk Assessing Thermal Imaging, as provided exclusively in Colorado at The Thermogram Center, Inc. focuses on prevention. Services provide a Thermobiological Risk Rating for each breast, a Hormonal Grade regarding estrogen stimulation, images in B&W not just color, and Self-Care and Prevention Education handouts.  If you prefer prevention over detection, check us out… we support both, early detection and prevention.

Because thermography is 100% safe, with no radiation or compression, it cannot cause cancer or cause a tumor to rupture. As a risk assessment and early warning tool, The Thermogram Center, Inc. has provided thermal imaging of the Breast, Teeth and Body for men and women since 2002.

It is especially helpful for women who are: pre-menopausal; with dense, fibrocystic, or large breasts; undergoing HRT or fertility treatment; with implants, or surgical alteration; nursing or pregnant; not able to tolerate radiation or compression; or seek early warning signs early enough to intervene, reduce risk, and support prevention.

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